Why cut McGinest?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by MagicMarker, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. MagicMarker

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    Ok, I can see why we didn't franchise Adam Vinatieri. If the CBA hadn't been approved, we'd have to cut several players.

    Now, so many teams have so much cap space, and the free agent market is so thin, wouldn't it have been ok to keep Willie for 1 year and $7 MM? I don't think anyone is going on the cheap.

    The only thing I can think of is Belichick and Pioli believe this team is getting old on defense and are looking to add some younger free agents.

    Knowing what we know now, I would have kept Willie and franchised Adam.
  2. JoeSixPat

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    Probably because of his $3 million roster bonus due next week....

    Could they keep Willie on, pay him the $3 mil, and ask him to take a salary cut? I suppose - but the Pats sure wouldn't have a lot of bargaining power - Willie would hold all the cards because in the worst case scenario if he refused to negotiate his salary down to say, $1 million (giving him $4 million total for the year) the only thing the Pats could do is cut him - giving him $3 million for free.
  3. patsfan55

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    the roster bonus was 3.5 mill, not 3
    plus, there was a lil less than 1.5 mill left on the signing bonus
    so, with the cut, we did take a cap hit of a lil less than 1.5

    of course, now we can go and re-sign him, and get a much smaller cap hit than the 8.5 he wouldve cost
  4. BelichickFan

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    It's entirely possible they'll just move on. I'm a huge Willie fan but if Vrabel moves back outside with Colvin and Chad Brown as a backup at his stronger position, the money might be better used elsewhere, I'm sorry to say.
  5. holyredeemer

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    Keep vrabel in the middle, right next to Tedy. Sign Will Witherspoon, and keep him outside with Colvin. Beisel along with a young draftee could back up in the middle. Then Brown could go back to the outside and play in sub packages where he is better suited now anyways. Maybe draft a tweener in the lower rounds and try to push TBC out. I'd be extremely excited to have a LB corps like that while going into camp. Also, don't try telling me Witherspoon isn't a possibility. Remember, we landed a huge free agent in Colvin, and had it not been for a freak injury, he'd been tearing it up his whole time here. That LB corp would get after the QB and tear it up.
  6. stinkypete

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    It's an awful thought but a valid one. I think such action, though, would predicate the signing of a vet ILB to start, unless they think Beisel is ready. Also, this would have to lead to the drafting of a OLB day one, probably in the 1st 2 rounds.
  7. IcyPatriot

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    Yes...me also. I've enjoyed Willie since he was a rookie. It was so nice to see Belichick move him out from that "ELEPHANT" position. McGinest would have made alot more money over his career if he was utilized like he has been the last few years....a real Pro-Bowl star. Let's face it, Willie played on some horrid lines early on.

    But we were lucky to have him...and I hope he returns. If someone offers him great money to move on I'll applaud that move because Willie deserves it. It won't make up what he's lost but it will be nice to see him get it. We will be fine also moving on...we always are and always will be under Belichick.
  8. BelichickFan

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    Vrabel was good in the middle and he took one for the team. But I don't think we were fully utilizing him there. If we can get a real ILB to go with Tedy and put Vrabel back outside, that may be for the best. And far be it from me to assume that Beisel couldn't be that guy after a year in the system and getting to start with Tedy which he didn't have the advantage of last year - I'm not saying he can but maybe he can.
  9. patsfan55

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    i dont know what would be worse for me larry bird announcing his retirement on my 8th birthday or willie goin to another team

    with or without willie, will witherspoon would be a nice addition
    another thing to note, is the fact that bb has always been a julian peterson fan
  10. fgssand

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    It's not that difficult to make sense of this all guys....we will not and should not overpay for any player at any position. Doing so upsets the Patriot model and will result in mediocraty returning to Foxboro.

    I think some guy named Pioli and another named Belichick know what they are doing. With 3 Superbowl trophy's proudly being displayed in Foxboro - I think it makes my point.

    If Willie Mcg or Adam V. or DGiv or anyone else will play at or near the value SP/BB have placed on their position, they will be welcomed back. I love these guys and really will miss them, but if you take the emotion out of the equation, you must agree it is the best way to do business. SP&BB know exactly when to part company with a player - look at the players they have released and find me one that you really regret losing.
  11. DaBruinz

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    If Derek Smith was still on the market, I might agree with you. However, there isn't any really good ILB on the market that are better than Vrabel.

    IMHO, the Pats would be much better served in re-signing McGinest, drafting an OLB/DE Tweener in the 1st round an ILB later in the 3rd or 4th round and keping Vrabel inside.

    I don't think that Will Witherspoon is the type of 3-4 OLB we are going to be looking for to replace McGinest. Maybe Andre Carter if the Pats feel they can get him to where he should be, but I'd still rather have McGinest.
  12. SoonerPatriot

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    Lost in all the rush to crucify Starks last year was the cold hard fact that Chad Brown isn't a very good football player anymore. The idea Brown could approach anywhere near the level of play Willie has demonstrated the last few years is laughable.

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