Which legacy would be impacted more if they win a SB: Brady or Manning?

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by Mark12, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Mark12

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    They won a super bowl. Brady's or Manning's?

    Personally, I think that if one of them wins it all, the debate would be over. If Brady wins, he would have 4 been to 6 and have 20 playoff wins. Hard to argue against that. If Manning wins, he would have 2 plus 5 MVPs and records for most TDs and yards. Again, hard to argue against that.

  2. fnordcircle

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    Brady, by far. People are too mesmerized by Peyton's gaudy regular season records to notice his legacy of failure most post seasons.

    Brady winning would finally shut up the "they've never won anything without cheating!" mantra.
  3. Archeryaddict12

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    Which legacy would be impacted more if....

    When Tom wins SB 48, he will undoubtedly go down as the GOAT. Same with BB. Both because they worked with nobodies and would be world champs. This takes away the argument and solidifies both of there places in NFL history. BB would end up with a total of 6 (I think) SB rings, 4 as a head coach and others as a lower tier coaching position.

    Note: homer alert LOL
  4. Bhelmet

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    Manning - anything to do with the media - Manning - EVERYTIME
  5. chasa

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    people need to stop thinking of personal records as these things set in stone. Passing yards and passing tds are going to crumble. the NFL is moving towards AFL style Huge score games. All that matters is championships.

    What would you rather have a bunch of dudes telling you you are the best, or a bunch of trophies proving it?

    Brady will ALWAYS be better then manning, unless manning goes on a run and wins a bunch of titles, brady will have the edge.
  6. Brady6

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    Personally I think Brady did more for his legacy in 2013 than Peyton Manning did for his. What exactly did Peyton do that he hasn’t done that is unusual for his career, he has always had gaudy stats and thrown for a ton of yards and touchdowns so he just solidified that with a few records, the other things that people would suggest as negatives still hold true.

    Brady on the other hand basically had 1 thing that the naysayers would use against him when need be – that he did not work well with new or young receivers. Well this season he shut that nonsense up completely.

    If Manning does not win a Super Bowl this season it really solidifies his status as this generations Dan Marino. Granted Manning has 1 championship ring but still considering the number of extremely talented teams he has been a part of that’s not that impressive.
  7. bigballas

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    What would matt staffords stats look like in the den offense?
  8. fnordcircle

    fnordcircle brady plz PatsFans.com Supporter

    Manning destroyed the records and got another MVP, I don't know how you can say that does less for his legacy than what Brady did.
  9. Brady6

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    He destroyed records? The yardage record could have been reversed and he had 5 more touchdowns than the prior record. That is neither here nor there because why I said what I said is Manning has won MVPs and broke records before, nothing he did this season was an anomaly from what he has done historically. Brady did what the critics said he was not able to do, he addressed a alleged shortcoming on his resume, Manning just enhanced the things already on his resume.
  10. Deus Irae

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  11. Rob0729

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    I think Manning needs a Super Bowl win this year or all he did may end up being for not with his legacy. This year is his best shot to win. He has statistically the best offense in league history and there are really no dominant teams. If he loses this weekend, it will give a huge blow to his legacy. Anything short of a Super Bowl win will diminish his accomplishments and cement his legacy of being a great regular season QB and not a winner.

    I don't know if a Super Bowl win will do a heck of a lot for Brady's legacy. It will get him tied with Montana and Bradshaw for the most wins and give him the record for most appearances in the Super Bowl. But I still think he will need two more for the people who put Montana over him in the greatest of all time category.

    I think in the seesaw battle by the media of who is better will sway to the winner of the Super Bowl if one of them wins, but I think Manning's legacy is more on the line right now on this playoff run.
  12. Zeus

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    What would a loss Sunday against the Chargers do to Manning's legacy?
  13. Palm Beach Pats Fan

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    The long-ago settled TB/PM debate might begin again, if Manning wins.

    If Brady wins, then even the Montana-Brady debate is fairly clearly over and the mere thought of a TB/PM debate is just plain silly .
  14. Ivan

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    Manning is expected to win this Super Bowl and has been since week 1. If Brady gets a Lombardi with this team then he walks away with GOAT.

    If Manning falls short he falls out of the discussion for good.
  15. Brady_to_Moss

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    I would have to go with manning...if he gets 1 more after this season somehow...75% will say he will be the GOAT and they will have a very valid case

    He needs this years SB and he has a better chance then last year
  16. wolverinejoe80

    wolverinejoe80 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    manning's legacy is 'he has all the stats... BUT'


    like elways said you make your legacy in the playoffs. if manning wins SB he will be media's darling. if he fails again then he will be crucified. that's just how it is.
  17. patsinthesnow

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    Manning's legacy is on the line more IMO. His team is at it's peak too. If he doesn't win it this year, he probably will never win a SB again.

    The Broncos are most likely losing Decker to FA to some team that will pay him 7-9 million a year as a WR1. Moreno may be lost as well. The most overpowered offense in NFL history will soon become this in 2014:

    QB: 38 year old Manning
    RB: Ball
    TE: Thomas
    WR: Thomas
    WR: ???
    WR: 33 year old Welker

    Not as frightening as the 2013 version. Then in 2014, Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Wes Welker, and Von Miller are all free agents. This team's window is closing shortly, while the Pats roster should be loaded for Brady's last few years.
  18. patsfan-1982

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    they are both 1 and 2 in NFL history if one or none of them win the SB this year but IMO the guy that would have his legacy impacted the most with a SB win this year is BB if the pats win it all with this injury felled team they could pretty much start handing out the bill belichick trophy each year
  19. Bravo777

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    I think that even if Brady won, the media would still portray Manning as being the better QB. It's disappointing, but we all know who the better QB is. :D
  20. fnordcircle

    fnordcircle brady plz PatsFans.com Supporter

    People will remember the records. Brady will probably never touch 50 again let alone get what Peyton got.

    Look, I'm all on board with the idea that I'd rather have Tom Brady as my QB than any other QB in history but we're talking legacy here.

    Nobody will remember what Tom Brady did this year, people already don't remember how we set injury records in 2003 and broke them in 2004. People don't remember what the seasons were like for Marino but they remembered the records he set.

    I'm not advocating for Peyton I'm advocating for reality and the reality is that records will matter more to a player's legacy than winning a bunch of games with a rookie WR corps and more injuries to key players than I've ever seen.

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