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    To move up in round 1 to get back to back picks?

    I know this would be a luxury; and isn't necessarily worth the investment, but just suppose. If they were back to back you wouldn't have to worry about deciding which one of your top 2 guys the other teams might value more highly. Just take your 2 and walk off the floor.

    Tactically how to go about doing it is painful; either you have to give ammo to the jesters at 25 to swap the 28 (which I would hate to see happen) or else you have to overpay to get from 28 to 23 by swapping with KC.

    But for either move 28 to 25 or 28 to 23 what would we have to give up?

    Does anybody think there is anybody out there that would be worth it that would otherwise be grabbed by Jesters (25), Philly (26), NO (27)?
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    If there is a player available at a spot in the draft that the Patriots feel is incredible value they will make a move to go and get him. This happened with Ty Warren and Chad Jackson and will happen again. But having back to back picks has absolutely nothing to do with this unless you take into account the fact you would have twice the time to bang out a deal.

    The single biggest factor in our first two picks that is going unnoticed is the rules to the new CBA that limits the length of time you can sign the rookie to a contract for. Because of this our 28th pick is worth A LOT more then the 33rd pick of the draft. And the 16th pick is worth A LOT more then the 17th pick.

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