What is wrong with us...Honestly..

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Fantasic4x50x54x59x55, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. Fantasic4x50x54x59x55

    Fantasic4x50x54x59x55 Practice Squad Player

    What is the matter with us as fans? You have got to be kididng me.. most of us are just as classless as the stupid trolls who come around bashing the pats. Why can't we admit to just plain and flat out being outplayed and the oppostion being ready for what we were sending at them..i am sick of hearing about blown ref calls, i am sick of hearing about abandoing a certain type of play, sick of hearing that we set up to lose games on purpose (WTF?!?!?!).. we lost, the refs didnt help..running the ball when your behind the whole game?

    Come on..with the way the D was bending and not breaking you can't blame mcdaniels and belicheck for wanting to get a quick 7, try to get control of the game and clock..we were behind, down a possesion the WHOLE game...To the COLTS..the (gulp) most explosive team in the nfl (hurts to admit). Fundamentals is what we preach RIGHT? well running when your playing from behind vs. the best team in nfl is not following football fundamentals..

    and at the end of the day... with less than 2 minutes to go...the game was in our hands..with the guy every nfl coach/owner/player/fan would want behind the center..and for reasons never to be known he didnt come through..and honestly I love it... let the bandwagoners off here..and dont allow these fools to rejoin when we have to go to indy and denver in the playoffs..and with much respect engage in some major butt whoopin (he who laughs now crys later)

    Give me the silent brady with a chip on his shoulder over the excited jumping around brady ANY day.... Our flaw isnt in the DB's we did a pretty decent job shutting down their passing attack (when only one colt reciver has a good day...your DBS arent doing bad).. our flaws arent WR's ( a big play threat wouldnt hurt..but give me a break we have some solid possesion WR's like we have had in years past *WHERE WE WIN THE SUPERBOWL*) and whats the friggin deal with everyone on Chad Jacksons case..who expects this wr rookie to come in and light the field on fire..if you answered yes...please refrain from reading too much into scoutin reports..

    Give these guys some breathing room...jeezuus... as football player myself (never on a profession level).. I can say tipped passes happen, fumbles happen, messing up routes happen, bad penaties happen.. what cant happen is doubting the man who lines up on ur side of the ball... and after this last game...i truley believe all recivers, oline men, qbs, rbs get DRILLEd and I mean DRILLEd for such a poor performance..

    Big ups to the D for keeping us in the game..

    Thumbs down for the offense and ST..altho i do believe by week 12..as usual the playoff ready patriots while begin to shine.
  2. frankiesfly

    frankiesfly Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Dont Read Them Then, People Have Opinions.
  3. Digger44

    Digger44 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Yes you are right in one sense. It is a good thing Brady had all those int's instead of Dillon and LoMo throwing those int's.
  4. Fantasic4x50x54x59x55

    Fantasic4x50x54x59x55 Practice Squad Player

    haha Yeah..I mean in my opinion The balls looked catchable(minus the bonehead throw to gabriel)..not bradys best but..to bradys defense he was using his arm alot 2 weeks back to back without a real stable running game with sufficient carries to back him up..plus this season he has been getting hit more than what hes been acustomed too..so in the 4th qtr where everything your trying seems to come up short all game..i can accept that maybe all throws wont be pin point... regardless he found them in open space put it up for the catching..if your hands make contact wih the ball its catchable..ill leave it at that..

    Next draft I dont wanna see anymore early recivers... I do believe Thomas,mills,gabriel,jackson,caldwell,Childress,Watson,Evans,Maroney, and even Dillon can hold their own in comiong seasons.. I believe DB's, LB's should be addressed via trade or draft before anyone tweaks our offense ( I would like A TALL physical reciver for short yard, goaline situation) (Waton,Thomas,Tall Reciver..on field at the same time..Nightmares for opposin DC's)
  5. Digger44

    Digger44 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    What are you talking about? We had almost 150 yards on 33 carries. that is 4.5 ypc. How is that not a stable run game agaisnt the Colts? I just cannot understand how you call that not real stable.
  6. Jimke

    Jimke In the Starting Line-Up

    The Pats don't have good wide receivers or good cornerbacks.

    This is why neither their offense or defense can be outstanding.

    With Tom Brady and Richard Seymour, they will make the

    playoffs but will lose to a team like the Broncos or Colts.
  7. sieglo

    sieglo In the Starting Line-Up

    We need to acquire the best WR available in free agency (it's not like we won't have the cap space) and draft defense next year, particularly DBs. Depth on the OL and DL should be pretty good already. The only skill player that will need replacing on the offfense is Graham.
  8. Fantasic4x50x54x59x55

    Fantasic4x50x54x59x55 Practice Squad Player

    You guys are nuts. We have some solid Receivers..just wait and see..I repeat Jackson WILL NOT do JACK this season.. maybe have one or 2 brilliant catches. WR is a poistion where a rookie doesnt step in and contribute right away..especially in our system. What I do believe is hurting is, that the receivers we have now are FAST and not QUICK.. (think branch compared to Bethel Johnson)..and our system thrives on quick receivers who can evade being jammed up and be in their top gear as soon as the ball is snapped. SO brady has to hold the ball a bit longer than he would like to. Jackson will change that in seaons coming..hopefully rejuvenate our screen pass (i dont like the fact watson gets most of them)...

    We wont miss graham much TRUST me... being a TE myself..I can tell you Thomas and Watson are just as good if not better than Grahambo and Watson (what Thomas can do catching the ball will even out with that graham can do with blocking) It would be awesome to keep all 3 and make Mills a Dallas Clarke type of weapon for brady..but lets be realistic. Graham will be an awesome addition to a Smashmouth football team... and its not like Watson and Thomas cant block..they are both Average to good blocking TE's..and both excel in receving..
  9. Fantasic4x50x54x59x55

    Fantasic4x50x54x59x55 Practice Squad Player

    Branch nor Givens nor patten or moss or owens or Coates or Rice are walking through those doors..and honestly we dont need them. So lets drop the whining and stating the obvious..Your etheir with the team or your not..its ok to disagree and voice your opinion but if your writing off this team as possible super bowl contenders Than please make it CLEAR..so REAL dedicated pats fans can serve you crow first come Feb.

    The main point of this post was how quick we jump on the bandwagon and off from game to game..WE as fans should know better than anyteam that it AINT over till its OVER.. and we have ALOT of football left to play.. and I do believe we are on to something with this guy Chadd Scott at safety..we will be hearing his name alot more this season i believe and not only because he will be playing in for a nursing harrison
  10. TruthSeeker

    TruthSeeker PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Though I tend to be somewhat negative in nature, I tend to agree with the comments of this thread (the original one). After watching that game, though dissapointed, I felt quite positive. Despite playing their worst game of the year, their worst coached game as well, terrible penalties (I think most were deserved), the Pats STILL were in the game in the last 2 minutes, and on Indy's 30 yard line. So basically, reminiscent of 2001 against the Rams (regular season loss, SB win), though they lost, they proved they could hang with the Colts. I feel quite confident that all the mistakes they made can be corrected.

    I am actually thrilled to be 6-2 at the halfway mark, with a 2 game lead in the East. The Pats can actually go up 3 games this Sunday. They are in a good position, and at least their losses didn't come against crappy teams (see Chicago vs Miami), they came against teams that are very good.

    Unfortunately, the injury bug is starting to pay us a visit once again, with guys like Graham (let him leave, I don't think he's ever played a full season for us) and some of our offensive linemen, and of course the obligatory DB injuries.

    After the Minnesota game, I thought I was begginning to see the old Pats swagger that was there during the SB years, and I don't think this loss will derail that. I expect them to play a much better game against the Jets, and are probably working on correcting the mistakes of the Colts game as we speak.

    I don't know if this is a SB calibre team, I would say they aren't as good as 2003-2004, but much better than 2001. That being said, I am very excited about the rest of 2006.
  11. Fantasic4x50x54x59x55

    Fantasic4x50x54x59x55 Practice Squad Player

    thanks for the support bro..seems like i was gonna get bashed..

    the pats are good...We cant win everygame, we cant beat peyton everytime... The mistakes we made arent signs of a crappy team..the mistakes we made are that of a growin team and even within that we lost by 7 when we should of lost 109485 - 20
  12. mgcolby

    mgcolby Woohoo, I'm a VIP!!! PatsFans.com Supporter

    Are you serious?

    Our WR and CB's are bad?
  13. Digger44

    Digger44 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    You still have not addressed the fact that the running game was very stable, but you claim it wasn't.

    Those mistakes have nothing to do with growing team. How did Brady grow from that first INT in the endzone? That was just trash, nothing grew.

    How did 2 tipped balls from Faulk for INTs help this team grow?

    How did a mass of penalties and refs making phantom calls help this team grow?

    You are right that we had no business losing by 7, but all of this has nothing to do with growth. It was all poor play, lack of discipline, poor play calling, and bad decisions. The game was very winnable, but 5 turnovers is sheer stupidity, not a growth period. The "WR timing" and "jelling period" is over. No excuses. These boys need to suck it up and play clean football and they will win every time. The Pats win when they do not make mistakes.
  14. Yankees/Colts

    Yankees/Colts Banned

    You guys talk about everything under the sun, but the fact of the matter is your defense didn't stop the Colts at all. The Colts went up and down the field at will all night.

    The Colts punted ONCE all night, and that came on the Dillon fumble in Pats territory. The Colts got the ball at the 31, Peyton was sacked and they had to punt from the 40. So, EVERY other time the Colts got the ball they marched right down the field into scoring position. EVERY time. I don't see you guys mentioning that fact.

    The only reason it wasn't a blowout and the only difference between last year's and this year's game was the fact the Colts somewhat self destructed at times in scoring position and didn't cash in - missed field goals, an INT in the red zone, a pass off Wayne's hands in the endzone, an unusual inability to punch it in from the 5 yard line, etc., etc. That game was not as close as the final score. The Pats never led and were on their heels all night.

    You talk about the turnovers, this and that, that and this, but it was your defense:

    - The first INT was just like a punt, your defense still had all field to stop the Colts.

    - The second INT was like a punt, it ended the half and the Colts got no points off it.

    - The fumble, the Colts go no points off of, they had to punt.

    - The 3rd INT was simply a trade in INTs. Manning had just thrown an INT a couple plays earlier, so the net result was just a loss in field position for the Colts.

    - The 4th INT ended the game, but based on the way your D played and considering the self destruction at times by the Colts in scoring position, it shouldn't have been a game at that point anyway.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not absolving Tommy Boy. He was terrible. We all know that. The point is the Pats didn't give the game to the Colts, the Colts took it. They dominated the game - two years in a row.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2006
  15. arrellbee

    arrellbee Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Very amusing. Two guys who put together teams that win big in the regular season - and flop in the playoffs. Nice sig.

    Your comments on the turnovers not resulting in direct points is a good one. However, they were still field position killers. Field position is a big factor.

    You also don't mention 3rd downs conversions that were given to the Colts on penalties. That is also another huge factor in a game.

    Enjoy the penalties, turnovers, and poor kickoff coverage. They probably won't happen the next time the Pats meet the Colts.
  16. Yankees/Colts

    Yankees/Colts Banned

    That was nice, but I most enjoyed the Colts going up and down the field at will... two years running. :rocker: :rocker:
  17. Fantasic4x50x54x59x55

    Fantasic4x50x54x59x55 Practice Squad Player

    Maybe you havent heard of our bend not break defense..teams usally do march up the field up to our 35 yd line..and after that they usually get no love..

    and I am talking about the running game over the last 2 weeks..although the running game was productive..after the half the game rested on bradys shoulder..after a week of non stop throwing..and like i said being hit alot more than usual, your not going to be ur sharpest regardless of what name is on the back of ur jersey.
    The team isnt gelling anymore your right...but it also isnt at its finest at this point etheir... i am not just talking about deflected passes i am talking about our offense as a whole...its still growing.. the simple pass and catch is down...routes are begging to look a bit cripser... but theres a process where a qb knows where and how to throw to a receiver in certain situations that isnt developed in a few weeks...sometimes not even in a full season..the beggining of good chemistry is there..and I can say now we are all on the same page out there...Now its a matter of finding a grove where the running game is complementing the passing game and visa versa and brady knowing what reciever is going to do what without looking at him...

    agains stating the obvious...

    I for one would like to see heath evans thrown in the mix more..Hes a big fast FB...with patrick pass on the horizon theres slim chance of that..Kevin Faulk will reedem himself this season..but i really dont see him on this team anywhere after this season.. Maroney,Evans,Mills,Dillion with some FA or Draftee will hold the fort next season..

    I am almost looking forward more to the draft than antyhing I really am curious now as to what bb will draft.... any Good shutdown ish corners or Phyiscal Freak Safties going early in the draft? and any big mobile linebackers int he first round?
  18. pats1

    pats1 Moderator PatsFans.com Supporter

    Which we know, considering what happened at the end for the Colts last year, doesn't mean much.

    Or how about 2004? How was that game any different? Without a stupid mistake by Vanderjagt, that game could very easily have been won by the Colts.
  19. Brady'sButtBoy

    Brady'sButtBoy 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    #12 Jersey

    Using BB's type of analysis - it was just two plays that decided the game.

    1 - Brady's first INT. The Pat's were moving the ball well, it was first down, he had good protection, it was the very beginning of the game - all reasons not to force the issue. Instead, Brady makes an awful throw/decision and the Colts are suddenly energized by the situation changing from one of the ball being methodically crammed down their throats to where the Colts already had the kind of break they went into the game knowing they needed.

    2 - Faulk missing the ball at the end of the game. Ever the opportunists, the Patriot's offense wouldn't have felt sheepish at all about tying or winning a game they had thoroughly messed up until that point. The Colts still their TO's so it would have been difficult for the Pats to completely run down the clock while scoring but is there any doubt that the Pats would have scored if Faulk catches that ball? Given the way the Colts can move the ball would BB have had the stones to go for two and try to win the game outright? Would the Colts have just stood around and intentionally let the Pats score to save time for what they would have figured to be a sure-thing FG by AV? Who knows, but there can be no argument that if Faulk makes that play the Pats have a very serious chance to win.

    Reverse just these two plays and the outcome from Sunday night most likely would have been quite different. Two plays....
  20. AzPatsFan

    AzPatsFan Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    woulda coulda shoulda mighta... are all that the operartive word was didn't...

    But it serves to reinforce the comment I posted earlier that the Colts were held below thier usual point average and won by one score when the Patriots had five turnovers. If Faulk catches that pass I supect the Pats would have had up to 5 runs to gain two yards for six and then another for two as well.

    woulda coulda shoulda mighta are just alternate realities . they didn't!
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