Want some encouragement? Ben Roethlisberger's 2005 stats should help

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    I looked back at the Pittsburgh Steelers championship year in 2005/2006 and looked at Ben Roethlisberger's stats for the regular season and its like this...

    2,385 yards and 268 attempts on the regular season for him as starting QB in 12 games

    With those sort of stats it proves that if you have a strong running game and a defense that can play aggessively game after game you can still go far in this league

    Ben only played 12 games that year but if NE lets Cassel be limited to those type of stats such as 160 yards passing and only 17 attempts or so he can just be able to manage things enough to get the team to the playoffs.

    HOWEVER what most people are not thinking about now and they should be is that Maroney,Morris and Jordan have to step it up BIGTIME as well as the defense which has several rookies in it and the team will be fine

    You don't have to have your QB throw for 3,500 or more yards to win the Super Bowl and Pittsburgh's stats in 2005 proves it - Cassel just needs to manage the game with short passes,screens and no wild throws and leave it to the running game to carry the team from now and thoughout the season.
  2. Garbanza

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    What was it about yesterdays defense (although I thought the d-line played well) that makes you think they can carry the team? C'mon now. The secondary has more holes than a block of swiss cheese.
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    They gave up 200 yards in the air yesterday (61 of which were because James Sanders is a bonehead). That would have been good for 10th place in the league last year. Considering this was the first game in the system for 2 CBs who played significant time, I think that's pretty good.
  4. K-Ro 25

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    It was the chiefs w/o their starting QB for a half
  5. chris_in_sunnyvale

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    One thing everyone forgets, though, is that despite Big Ben's lousy SB40, he played GREAT in the Cincinnatti, Indy and especially Denver playoff games...all on the road. He was called upon to come through that postseason and did in flying colors. Without those performances, Pittsburgh doesn't have their 5th Lombardi.

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