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Trading down

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by RxJock1120, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Hey guys, its me again. Remmember the guy who wrote the Bruschi is done during the Jets game. Anyways if I haven't apologized yet, I am sorry. As you can probably guess I was very pissed about what happened to Tedy, keeping in mind that he didn't even need to be in the game, at that point. Anyways I can't take anything back, and that post went way too far from my original point, but I hope that most of you are smart and light hearted enough to understand that I am a life long Pats fan and my commentary should be judged by more then 1 stupid post, which was a total mistake.

    Now for what I actually want to discuss, what do you guys think about trading down if neither Lawson or Greenway, or a top DB like Tye Hill, Antonio Cromartie or Jimmy Williams are available. I strongly doubt that BB will ever pick a WR in the first round, he has good success at finding WR past round one, and could do it again this year. I think that the Packers or Raiders would love an extra 1st rounder and would be willing to over pay for it. Moving into the earlier part of the second round means we could still probably grab Carpenter or a good DB like Kelly Jenkins or Will Allen, and could stock pile a couple of extra picks, so that we can do more damage in a very deep draft. I also pray to god if Deangelo William is available at 21 we take him without a second though, because I have a feeling the Colts will jump all over a trade to move up and grab him if he falls past us. Any thoughts

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