This was the matchup that I wanted.

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATSNUTme, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. PATSNUTme

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    Back in November, I said that I wanted the Patriots to go to Indy and play them in the AFC Championship game. I wanted the Patriots to beat them on their home field and drive a dagger in their hearts.

    So, why do I feel so friggin nervous about this game? I didn't last week until the game was well under way.
  2. Tunescribe

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    Because unlike in our last two SB runs, the Pats have not inspired us with a lot of confidence. I expected us to lose to the Chargers, then when it got to the fourth quarter and it looked like we had a chance, I started to freak. That was followed after the game by a sense of shock. Face it: How many of us REALLY thought we'd be playing for the AFCC six weeks ago? I'm nervous too -- especially over our secondary's ability to contain the Colts' passing game.
  3. patsfaninpa

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    I said the same thing to a friend last week. If we get the Colts in Indy, I think Tom Brady is going to torch their defense. I think we come out in more of a spread. But, use it to run. Gets Sanders out of the box. And, allows our t's to push their de's outside and run right underneath them.
  4. NovaScotiaPatsFan

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    Why do you feel nervous about this game? Because if the Pats lose we will never EVER EVER hear the end of it as long as we live. You think the Peyton ballwashing is bad now? Wait until he gets a ring. Brady who?
  5. stinkypete

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    You should be nervous, but this is the way it has to be. This is like the 2004 Sox, knowing that the only way to a championship is through the Yankees, or the Celtics in the 80's, always hoping for another shot at the Lakers.
  6. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    I hate Manning and Polian and that team of crybabies more than any other team by a longshot, so for me it is nerve wracking that we have to be the ones to either kick them out or let them into the superbowl.

    I don't want that responsibility. I would have ten times rather lost to the totally classless and clueless Chargers and let their stupid trolls come here and brag all offseason than to lose to the pukestain Colts.

    The mere fact that the Colts could go to the superbowl is really more aggravating than anything else I can think of.
  7. pats1

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    :'homer #1' raises his hand:
  8. Ghost of Ben Dreith

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    I think people might be nervous because these Colts deserve our respect, unlike other versions of them.

    1. Manning seems to have matured some in how he handles himself.

    2. They manned up against the Ravens (I won't count the pathetic Chief game). You would never have seen a win like that in previous Colt editions. These Colts don't seem as big a team of pansies.

    3. They have won 2 playoff games with defense and with Manning having bad games. In the past Manning carried them.

    4. They might not be as talented as past editions, but they are a better team at this point. At least playing like a better team.

    5. They have Vinatieri kicking for them. It almost seems preordained that he will have a chance to kick us out of the playoffs. At least that is on a lot of our minds I believe.

    All of these things tend to make us nervous. I think its going to be a great game.
  9. notex

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    i hate the colts, the only thing im nervous about it peyton finally winning a superbowl because i think hes a tard.
    btw did anyone watch the 'cribs' ripoff of peyton on
  10. ilduce06410

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    what? me nervous?

    not with the pats. as a 37-year long-suffering fan, these years (and this year) have been everything i ever wanted.
    we lose the AFC championship game, i'll say we ahd a good season.
    screw the dolts. who cares what they do?
    if the dolts can beat our boys in a championship game they deserve to strut around.
    but they gotta beat the patriots.
    san diego didn't lose that game, they failed to win it. sunday, it's the dolts who have to break thru the ceiling. not us.
    under most scenarios, we win. so it's the dolts who have to play their best game, and take down the champs. the pressure's on them, not us.
    it's not about peyton. it's their other starters. can THEY stand up to the pressues? can their rookie RB control his nerves?
    can they stop dillon/faulk/maroney? what of graham/watson/thomas? can they protect against vrabel/bruschi/colvin? can peyton throw to asante's side without getting picked off? does he even think he can? those are the questions.
    THEY are the ones who have to come thru.
    the patriots are gonna be themselvess. the DOLTS have to beat US, not the other way around.
    so naw, i ain't nervous. this is a rivalry, they've won games when the cookies weren't on the l;ine. THEY gotta beat us.
    and patriots beat better teams all the time.
  11. BelichickFan

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    Re: what? me nervous?

    It definitely raises the stakes, playing to go to the SB against a team that most of us hate as much as almost any other. A loss would be that much worse, a win that much better. Even in Indy, it's a chance I'm happy to have.
  12. BigEZPatsFan76

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    Re: what? me nervous?

    Well said !!!:eat2:

    You know, it is kind of nice to have the pressure off of us for a change. I mean after all, we were not supposed to be here, right? It won't be any less disappointing if we lose, but we are not "expected" to. Even if we lose, I truly feel this team will have more cracks at it, in the next 5-7 years. I think the window for the Colts starts to close after this season. This is THEIR best shot right now. All things are in their "corner". We have ALREADY proven ourselves over the last 5 years. The Colts are the ones that still have to "prove" themselves on the big stage (and repeat it). While losing would be painful for us, them losing to us this time around, in my opinion would be DETRIMENTAL to their psyche. If we win, Polian blows a fuse, and I think Tony Dungy is on thin ice come next year...JMHO

  13. Kdo5

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    Re: what? me nervous?

    I was very nervous for last weeks game. I thought the trash talk would do some motivation but those fifteen minutes before gametime, all the fun from the other games had subsided and I did not have the confidence. The way things went early on I we go again...Denver. We score first then we get whipped. I was also shell shocked when we finally scored the Caldwell TD. Once that happened then I knew we were GOING TO WIN. There was no way we were losing after that.

    But this week I am EXTREMELY nervous. The Chargers it is one thing, they are the #1 seed, we have no history with them and it wouldnt be as bad if we lost. But the Colts, we have loads of history with them. Still some people think we have the clear cut advantage because we own Manning which hasnt been the case recently. The thing I am most worried about here is Vinatieri winning with a field goal in the closing seconds or a Colts victory period. The AV situation would be the worst kick to the ball sack ever. I think the reason your nervous NUT, is because the pressure is on US to make sure Peyton doesnt get over this hump and get to the superbowl let alone win it. And as happy as I am right now, I dont really have the same confidence like I did in 2004 or 2003. Its gonna be a lot harder this time around in their house. But whats Brady's record in a dome again?

    Losing to them this time around is going to be excruciating. Which their chance at beating us is better than ever.

    But imagine if we win, that would be the sweetest, best thing that I could ever have ever asked for from the Patriots. With the way we beat the Chargers, I cant not say we wont beat the Colts. But if we do win, Brady is going to get praise like never before. The AFCCG is going to be like the SB.
  14. pats-blue

    pats-blue Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    BINGO! We have BINGO! You know I never lost faith in the Patriots all year. I figured they would turn it on in the playoffs just like every year and had a "good" chance at bringing back the SB trophy. But it is very hard to do so if they didn't I wouldn't be that disappointed....but then the SD trolls came and the game became more important because now I just wanted the Pats to shut these MFo's up! Now the dolts themselves don't talk smack and I think Manning is a good person but my dislike of him comes from the insesant ball washing and worshiping of him. Now that isn't his fault but he pays the piper (at least he is a good QB unlike the undeserving ball washing Farvre gets these days) Now I can not stand for the Pats to lose, not because I don't recognize that it is difficult to win the SB, but because I could not stand the slobbering that will be done and shudder to imagine that amount of people that will be on thier knees at Mannings feet if the Colts make it to the SB. Manning may actual drown in the siliva it will be so bad....
  15. Grizzafted

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    Let me ask you this question.

    Do you see the Patriots losing this game. Really? Can you really imagine. Really actually picture, fathom, and see the sequence of events that ends in the Patriots losing this game?

    It's very strange for me. All week I've been sort of resigned to a Pats loss, I don't know why. It just feels like its in the air that the Colts finally get their W and go through the Pats to get it. I've been sort of expecting that we'll lose on Sunday.

    But then I try to picture how. And I can't. Do you see Brady throwing 4 picks this time around? Do you see the Patriots D falling to pieces and letting the Colts walk up and down the field without forcing some bad throws and stuffing Addai a few times? Can you see us falling down 10 points and not still feeling like, okay, here we go?

    Call me nuts. I just can't see the loss. I feel like it's coming, but I just can't see how it happens. People are talking about the Colts being "loose." Are you ******* kidding me? They're going to be tighter than a ball of rubber bands when that whistle blows.

    This is where professionalism and experience in winning is going to come in. And I don't see the loss. I actually just can't imagine how the Patriots lose. In a dome? Against Peyton Manning in the playoffs. With every "expert" picking against us. Again. Really? Nope.
  16. BigEZPatsFan76

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    I say, if we want to really blow Peyton Manning's mind, the Krafts ought to invite the Ole Ball Coach Steve Spurrier to be special guest for this game. Old Peyton is very familiar with him :D

  17. mgteich

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    This is the matchup I wanted for AFC CHampionship Game also. I want the best AFC team to go to the SB. And I want revenge against the Bears!
  18. Patjew

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    I'm freaking out about this game.

    But I freak out about EVERY game, so no biggie.

    That being said, I think this game will be a classic and I'm looking forward to a very stressful 4 hours.

    And something tells me we'll see alot of LoMo in this game.
  19. AirForcePatFan

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    WHY??? We beat the Bears???? :confused:

    Like most of you have said, I can't SEE them losing this game, yet just about every "expert" is favoring the Colts, saying this is the Colts year, the "football gods" are favoring them, the stars have FINALLY aligned for the Colts and they will win.

    I can't see it happening, and the Pats aren't just going to give it to them... I think ALOT of it has to do with WE ARE SPOILED-- we are use to the Pats winning in the postseason and that is why we have a hard time imagining them losing... I had a funny, nagging feeling last year in Denver ALL WEEK that we would lose, and yet when it happened, I was still so very shocked and could not go to sleep and ended up going to work that morning on no sleep and drinking coffee all day...

    Point fellas, woman's intuition is telling me that we will have a W beside OUR name. I have no bad feelings and nothing is nagging the gut, so I'm taking it as a good sign!!
  20. Patjew

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    Think back to January 1986...

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