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    Our free agents...


    Tully Banta Cain...UFA
    Junior Seau...UFA
    Larry Izzo...UFA
    Eric Alexander...ERFA
    Don Davis...UFA
    Barry Gardner...UFA
    Corey Mays...ERFA

    Defensive Backs

    Asante Samuel...UFA
    Rashad Baker...RFA
    Randall Gay...RFA
    Gemara Williams...ERFA

    Defensive/ Offensive Line

    Weslet Britt...ERFA
    Billy Yates

    Recievers/ Backfield

    Daniel Graham...UFA
    Heath Evans...UFA
    Patrick Pass...UFA
    Troy Brown...UFA

    We are in good position with the amount of cap room we have, and the relatively low number of free agents, that being said, the Patriots have the contracts of Warren, and Wilfork coming up, so I'm positive that they will want to shift some of the cap hits to this upcoming year. For free agent terms go to this website:

    Tomorrow I will post a comprehensive list of free agents the Patriots will be looking at this upcoming offseason.

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