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The current possibilities on offense for 2012

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by MoneyFX, Sep 1, 2012.

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    Bill may not be done retooling the WR position. Keep your optimism But think about it and look at the transition from what the team had a year ago.

    Welker -> Welker
    Branch -> Lloyd (Big upgrade)
    Ochocinco -> Edelman (Edelman hasn't shown much but 2012 could be his opportunity, he still is young with potential and knows the offense more than him)

    - More spread formations with Hernandez in 3WR and 4WR with Edelman
    - The year Edelman gets finally gets a role in the offense (other than 2009)?
    - More power formations, so a return to a balanced offense? (3TE maybe 4TE for more use of the run game)
    - Expect lots of double coverage on Wes/Rob and lots of Lloyd/Hernandez early in the season
    - Prepare for a lot of McDaniels screens to Vereen/Woodhead and the WRs/TEs
    - Possible Gaffney return later in the season when healthy? (Gaffney can be backup X receiver and Edelman can still be Welker backup)
    - Most importantly, an upgrade in the X receiver and downfield receiving
    - Consider Gronk and Hernandez as WRs too (like a Plaxico Burress and a bigger/faster Wes Welker respectively)
    - Still the most versatile receiving corps in the NFL (you got a intermediate-long ball receiver, the best/slot possession receiver, a legitimate red zone threat and a versatile wild-card matchup nightmare)
    - Teams that succeeded and will use man coverage against the Pats (ex: Jets in 2010, Ravens/Steelers in 2011) will struggle against the Patriots
    - Expect an even more efficient, versatile and balanced offense in 2012

    And last but not least a Superbowl trophy! :D
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