The Chicken Littles are crowing.

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by AzPatsFan, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. AzPatsFan

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    What a surprise. What a total surprise!

    First of all, congratulations to the Phish. They played their hearts out in a a hell of game for them. Represents their whole season. Too bad it was such a futile gesture. The swan song of a dying Defense. The front seven is all in their mid thirties, and unsigned for next season. Bye Kevin Carter, Vince Holiday and Truck Traylor; age is breaking up the old gang. Remember all those Super bowls that you (didn't) win.

    The Patriots lost in Miami and the world as we know it has come to an end. The "Chicken Littles" have emerged from the hen house, and are crowing with abandon.

    Fact is Miami always plays us tough at their house. Fact is their record is 6-7 and ours is 9-4. They are out of the playoffs; futile gestures aside, we continued our advance to the tournament.

    Fact is no harm no foul. The Pats continued their march to the playoffs. The Jets folded against the Bills, so we are closing in on the AFCE title. Up two games with three to play. Thats progress since before the game the situation was up two with four to play.

    The only thing some of you seem to notice is when things went wrong. Fact is the Defense played a very good game. Despite the losses of personnel to injuries, the D showed it still a playoff caliber D.

    It was just one of those days. Nothing seemed to go right. Like the day the Pats were shutout in Buffalo 31-0 in one of our Super bowl runs. And it has about the same significance. Z-E-R-O. N-A-D-A, Zilch.

    When it rains it pours. For example, I just loved the roughing the Passer call against Wilfork. It brought a drive back to life after 3rd and failure outside FG range. After the penalty the Phish began their drive again, and eventually scored. Typical day.

    Harrington stubbed his toe after kicking Vince in the head as he lay on the ground. But since the defender's head hit a portion of a QBs body, (by acting like a football being kicked), its a penalty on the Defense instead of Unsportsmanlike Conduct for kicking a player in the head. Seems to me Albert Haynesworth got a four game suspension for kicking a guy in the head. Typical day.

    Contrary to popular opinion, even on Offense there were a few bright spots. Cory Dillon had a very good game. He has demonstrated that he is not finished and incapable of carrying the team on his shoulders in the event that LM isn't available. Bodes well. Faulk also showed age, hasn't slowed him either. The offense rolled up 123 yards on the ground against a very good run Defense, even when the passing game was next to helpless.

    I thought I even saw wRONg Borges start to crow! The Chicken Littles will gladly provide you plenty of room to practice your crock-a-doodle-doo-doo!;)
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  2. Box_O_Rocks

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    If the sky isn't falling, what hit me in the head? It might have been part of a cloud, all white and yucky...I wonder if I dare go outside between a NEM promise and a falling sky.
  3. patsox23

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    It was a putrid game. There is reason to be worried, given the so-so play lately. And the Chicken Littlers indeed have come home (again. and again.) to roost. Couldn't agree more. Yesterday was ugly, and there has been LOTS of ugly, but you people are acting like little girls.
  4. Box_O_Rocks

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    You didn't order the School Girl routine? I hope the other guy likes the whips and chains...:p
  5. JoeSixPat

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    I disagree - yesterday's game was a thing of beauty.

    It was a rope-a-dope gameplan designed by BB intended to lull other teams into complacency, having them focus on a gameplan that appears to show a roadmap into how to beat the Patriots only to have the OL, and WR play at Super Bowl caliber catching opposing team defenses flat-footed.

    I can't stand all these so-called fans who actually think this team isn't ready to blow away the competition and win the Super Bowl. Damn Chicken Littles!

    C'mon folks - why is it that one can't offer a realistic assessment of the recent sub-par play of this team without being called a "Chicken Little"?

    The sky's not falling. If the play of this week - as well as the past weeks turnovers - continue, it's clear that it's already hit the ground.

    We all know there are injuries, and we all know the personnel on the field isn't exactly part of a master pre-season plan. But neither we as fans nor this team have ever accepted excuses before - why start now?

    Stating the obvious shouldn't be a reason to others to disparage one's commitment as a fan - it should be recognized that as Patriots fans we don't accept excuses and don't see our football team through the same rose colored glasses that other team fans often seem to.

    I for one recognize the reality that this team has not shown they are ready to go deep in the playoffs. It's up to the players to change that and it matters little what I say about it.
  6. Peter Pat

    Peter Pat Practice Squad Player

    Big, Big Difference between the 2003 31-0 loss to the Bills and yesterday's loss to the Fins. The Bills lost was the 1st game of the year, and te team was just getting over the Lawyer Milloy release. That 2003 team by December were on a winning streak and were playing well going into the playoffs. Yesterday was the the 4th to last game of the season, and this team is hardly rolling. I am the bggest Pats supporter, and do generally look at the team in a glass is half full way. But there are disturbing trends in TOs and offensive dissaray, the Oline and WRs are not neary as good as they were in 2003.

    I dont think it is being chicken little for pointing out these things, and being concerned after an awfull effot in Dec. against a divsion foe, when a win would have clinched the div. (afte the Jets loss), and really helped them in layff seeding.
  7. BelichickFan

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    #12 Jersey

    Call me stupid but I think we can have a legit chance in every playoff game if we quit the turnovers and penalties. They've both gone on for so long, I am not confident they'll suddenly go away but at least it's under the Patriots' control and not unrealistic like saying "we just need the WR to suddenly be really good". That 'ain't happening but playing solid, mostly mistake free football is not unreasonable for the Patriots.
  8. scout

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    Amen to that. Just stop with the turnovers and we are fine. Nothing else, not the go-to-guy, not the too short db, not the linebackers or ST, or rookie kicker. Its the freakin' turnovers. The Dolphins? Brady is 7-5 against them.
  9. Rob0729

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    I think it is valid to be concerned, but too early to give up hope. Other than San Diego and maybe Cincy, what playoff team has been playing good consistent football in recent weeks? Indy has lost the last three out of four and their defense looks to get worse. The Jets got outclassed by the Bills. KC got crushed by the Ravens yesterday who got crushed by the Bengals the week before. Dallas looked like crap in their loss last night. The Seahawks lost to the Cards. Denver is all, but eliminated from playoff consideration. None of the Wild Card competitors for the NFC look to want to get a spot. The Bears lost to us a few weeks back.

    I still think we can beat almost any playoff team because they all have their issues. I think this is a down year for the NFL overall and there is no real elite teams this year.

    If we play like we did yesterday in the playoffs, no way we win. If we play like we did the previous two weeks minus the turnovers, I think we still have a shot.
  10. pats1

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    Bump for sanity.
  11. pats1

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    Have fun, NEM.

    You only continue to fool yourself.
  12. SoonerPatriot

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    I don' think the Chicken Littles are any worse than the people who insist there are no real problems with the team. One opposite extreme to another.

    Anyway, Sunday is just one more example of the old coaching axiom: On film, it's never as good as it looked during a good game and it's never as bad as it looks during a poor game.

    Witness BBs comments today about the overall competitiveness of the team and Brady's play yesterday.
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  13. edgecy

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    You know, sometimes, I am tired about NEM just like all of you are and I certainly do not enjoy him making every thread about the OC, but some of you guys are simply bringing his name up for no reason at all, and when he shows up to defend himself you all pile on.

    As for chicken littles... there's a fine difference. I don't think a lot of us here are chicken littles, but we're also not stupid. We know something is wrong with the offense when we see it. If you want to be blind to how pitiful we did yesterday, that's your choice. The rest of us have a brain and we're going to use it, if that means by voicing our opinions contrary to your own so be it.
  14. Box_O_Rocks

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    Please report this one then NEMMY baby - do you need your mommy to come wipe your nose and bottom? You "promised" me deep regrets and great harm, bring it crybaby, run to Ian because people are picking on you for being a swine. So when mommy gets done wiping your bottom and nosey, you can pull your depends up and 'not' threaten me with another "promise" of future harm. You wanted a fight, quit crying because someone is willing to call you the coward and liar you have turned out to be.
  15. Box_O_Rocks

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    Edge, sorry neighbor, but this isn't about NEM's OC fantasy, this is about his behavior here and elsewhere threatening people and behaving like a spoiled child, if he doesn't like being attacked he can stop attacking. As long as he has promised to expose me as a troublemaker I intend to be all the trouble he can handle - it takes more than one example of basic NEM stupidity to get me this angry, but as long as he wants a feud, I'm well past the point of forgive and forget - he learns to stop attacking people or he find me calling him out. This isn't a new problem, just my turn being fed up with it.
  16. MrBigglesWorth

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    BOX..... which game tape do you breakdown? tv or coaches?
  17. Box_O_Rocks

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    Heh, Nemmy crybaby, you made a "promise" and you "promised" "regret" - most people who aren't idiots beating their chests and screaming about their importance translate that into "harm". Feel free to take some English courses so you can understand the basics of communications.
  18. Box_O_Rocks

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    TV, it's all I have access to.
  19. MrBigglesWorth

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    gotcha, better than nothing. i think they spend too much time displaying stats or focusing the whole picture on brady for 5 seconds before the play.
  20. SCPatBoy

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    Guys...This si a football board for fans. It's not life and death, so let's all put some perspective on it. It is easier to ignore those who we don't see eye to eye with. Christmas is righ taround the corner, so lets all be thankful for our families and blessings and call this thing a truce!

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