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    Benefits from Mitchell's injury. It looks like he will be one gunner. The other gunner could either be Guss Scott or suprisingly Hank Poteat who I know has been practicing the gunner spot. Somebody said that rookie Willie Andrews has also practiced the gunner spot.

    Because the Mitchell thread is hijacked into a "the Pats are arrogant and won't fill depth discussion," I thought I post about the topic of gunner up here.

    IMHO, it really looks like the safety situation has taken care of itself.

    Harrison* Wilson (unless he moves to CB)
    Hawkins Sanders
    Tebucky Willie Andrews?
    Guss Scott?

    That's 7 guys competing for maybe 6 spots.

    The DB also got some competition

    Samuel Hobbs
    Gay* Chad Scott (can play FS)
    Warfield Willie Andrews? (did play CB/S in college)
    Hank Poteat

    That's 6 additional guys for the CB job.

    That's 13 guys for about 10 to 11 DB spots -- gunner and returner seem to be the spots that will determine who makes the squad and who doesn't.
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    I think it means Willie Andrews is pretty much assured a place on the team.
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    Mitchell was doing well as a safety aswell and picking everything up. we can have a lot of combos..but i think instead of Andrews with TeBucky, Scott is better suited there. hes bigger and hes pretty good when healthy besides last year where we needed leadership

    im hoping we bring in a veteran that gets cut or anything just to push the younger guys more like Scott, Andrews, Sanders. I like our depth at Safety, we have quantity and quality depth compared to last few years. It all relies on health now
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    I don't think Andrews will play defensive back this year. I don't even think he is a prospect for playing defensive back. However, I do think that he has a good shot as a returner (and as Brown perhaps being the emergencty db in case of several injuries).

    I see the safeties as set (once someone updated me on Guss Scott).
    Harrison,Wilson,Hawkins,Sanders,Jones and Scott
    I expect to see Sanders, Jones and Scott primarily on ST's where they excel
    Sanders was OK at nickel much of last year; he certainly can play dime
    (he was ahead of Poteat in the depth chart and reps last year)
    Wilson may move to corner.
    Harrison may start the season, or not.
    This group is strong or weak depending on whether Harrison and/or Wilson are
    safeties for Game 1). They, after all, are our starters.

    Let the battle continue. I would like for Wilson (a future probowler at FS) to stay where he is.

    I think there are four positions, with Hobbs, Samuel and Chad Scott having three nailed down. It helps that Scott can move over to FS if that seems best.

    The obvious choice is Gay, but my sinking feeling is that he won't be on the 53. Warfield hasn't looked could. Let's re-start the Hank Poteat fan club!!!!
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    Attendance at the meetings have been down, but we haven't closed up shop yet!!! ;)

    "Hi, my name is T-Shirt, and I'm a Poteat fan."
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    Since it is a Tebuck thread I figured I'd throw this out there from today's Projo:

    Family matters
    Tebucky Jones is trying to evict his mother from a condominium he bought for her, according to a Hartford Courant story yesterday. Jones, the report said, filed a Superior Court complaint in June to evict Maryann Jones for non-payment of rent.
    Maryann Jones claimed in court she had paid her rent and the case was continued to Aug. 24. Jones' mother was sentenced to 30 months in prison in February 1998, for selling crack cocaine to police informants. Jones bought her the condo in Plainville, Conn., in 1999. She rolled up a number of debts with creditors.
    Tebucky Jones bought the condo back from his mother in January. He claimed in court documents his mother agreed to pay $115 rent every month but stopped doing so in January. In June, he issued a legal notice ordering her to leave the condo by June 21.
    Jones' sister, Shanequa told the Courant, "My mother trusted him and thought her son was trying to help her get out of debt." "Basically he's trying to put my mother out on the street. My mother is sick and you're doing all of this?"
    "I ain't talking about that," said Tebucky Jones when asked about the story yesterday. "I don't care [what light it puts me in] unless it's on Oprah."


    It would seem that maybe he and his mother have some issues, my guess is it's still over the drugs.
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    yeah EVICT HER!
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    I would prefer that we not discuss this as its private. It appears that he has bought the condo TWICE, and is asking for a nominal rent to just force a little "tough love". (Who has a $115 a month rent?)

    Drugs seem to be the issue.

    Having said that, I will never comment on this again...
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    mgteich: I can see Andrews progressing and getting a shot later in the season, his speed allows him to be a CB candidate. Look how Gay and Hobbs did as rookies, I suspect Pees as DC and Collier as DB coach won't reduce the staff's effectiveness at developing young DBs to be scrappy competitors.

    And I'm still a bongo tapping Hank Poteat bandwagon musician - whether he gets to play for the Pats this year or not, he will always be a Patriot for his play the last two seasons. (I note one camp report had him showing Bam Childress how a DB maintains his position when Bam used a spin move to elude Hanks first grab, and got nowhere because Hank hadn't over committed and was able to recover and bring Bam down. Just like last year in Miami when he kept the fins from critical first downs.)
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    I concur with all you said. Well spoken.
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    And where, sir, are your bongos?
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    Ask Box. He had 'em last. :(
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