So what do we do in free agency?

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  1. Crazyeechrispats1

    Crazyeechrispats1 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Greetings everybody I reside in Lancaster PA. and am undoubtedly one of the biggest supporters in this region.
    I want to know how you would approach this off season and this was Madden and you had the key to the personnel.
    This is a hypothetical idea I'd rather nobody knock anybody's ideas or thoughts I'm interested in what Patriot Nation can agree and disagree to.
    I'll start it off.

    Our own free agents
    I'd resign Moss but for no more than 5 million a year for a 4 year contract back loaded with incentives.
    Stallworth can take alot less or walk so in my hypothetical he leaves for greener pastures much like real life it seems.
    Jabar Gaffney is offered about 1.5 million a year seeing how we revived a failing career I'd assume he'd take the hometown discount.
    As for Washington he is offered a 5 year contract worth about 7 million dollars
    good special team help can be hard to come by and he can find his way on the receiving rotation as well.
    Eugene Wilson I'm not giving up that he can return to his stature he displayed 3 or 4 years ago just yet i'm offering 1 to 2 million if incentives are hit over a 3 year deal.
    Randal Gay this guy when he stays heallthy is solid smart but unspectacular never gives up big plays I don't know if that speaks of him or the scheme we deploy but I give him 2 million a year.
    Assante Samuel cya pal maybe if you held on to one of the interceptions you dropped in arguably the biggest game of this era.
    But you must of stopped practicing with the jug machine so you gots to go.
    No worries if the jet's overpay for you welker and Moss will kill you on double moves and jukes.
    Brady won't throw anywhere but deep on you son.
    Free agents to target- brandon Chillar- plays for the rams so some may not know of him young linebacker seem him shed blocks make massive hits, wrap up well and is very smart.
    Could be like a mike vrabel signing if he is half that we win big here.
    Jacques Reeves- Tall physical corner excellent special teamer one of those guys buried on a depth chart like names such as newman and henry.
    Could find his way in our rotation and possibly be a difference maker could come cheap in the 2 million or so range.
    Alge Crumpler- This guy is screaming to be a Patriot- he is the closest thing to coates as we've had.
    Blocks well playing in a predominately run oriented offense but I've never seen him drop a ball and makes yac.
    Calvin Pace or John Abraham i lean here towards Abraham cause BB knows this player very well knows the ins and outs of the 4-3 is thought to be on the downside of his career and could be cheaper than you'd think.

    Draft- I have my mind made up on Vernon Gholston or trade down.
    I'm not gonna go in specific players but positions that could use competition.

    Wide Receiver, defensive back, Punter, offensive line, linebacker, third down back. That is all please.
  2. otis p. driftwood

    otis p. driftwood Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    So you want to get rid of all the talented WR's on the roster, the guys that now have a year in the system with Brady--and bring in new guys AND you list it as a need?
  3. Crazyeechrispats1

    Crazyeechrispats1 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Where do you see that?
    I said to offer fair deals but not overpay so we can still have depth at other positions.
    YES if they are overpaid you look to the middle to late rounds in the draft to develop fourth and fifth string receivers.
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