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    Got to sit in my seats which is always nice.

    Maroney running over spann was a highlight.

    Moss and Brady hooked up for a real nice TD in last second situational play. Moss also had another good tippy toe catch at the sideline.

    Whilhite got banged up real late in the day making a nice play(Edit: aparently his nice play and the injury were different plays as I read a few blogs). He walked off with the trainers. Something to keep an eye on.

    Bryant had a nice pick.

    Today everyones favorite 5th round pick had a good day kick returning but this time I thought Slater really shined as a gunner. And he even played DB and wide out.

    Hobbs had some reps with the ones and while I haven't noticed any great plays yet he seems to be fine and again if he didn't say he wasnt 100% I wouldn't know it.

    Welker again is everywhere.

    Faulk had a nice day.

    Mayo looked good at times but also let a few get by him when he was in tight coverage. One of those times Watson dropped it (it continues).

    I am a huge Eckel fan but if he doesn't get his ass on the field he wont win a STs spot.

    Oddly enough we were joking about CJ Jones not having a chance and than he actually went on to have a really nice catch and a few others.
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