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    And I'll make the understatement of the day: Every time I listen to Rodney, it's a lesson in respect, hard work, ethics, and values. This guy is a true role model. Gotta love it when players like Brandon Meriweather gravitate towards Rodney, as they'll see no finer example as they begin their professional careers.
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    Here's what I can remember:

    -He loves giving dale and holley crap, did it the whole time throughout the interview.

    -Hasn't heard a lot of trash talk from Tennessee, he doesn't listen to that. They just go out and do their work on the field

    -He had to watch film from the game last year this week and he's over it and ready for this week

    -Meriweather is following rodney around everywhere on and off the field...rodney said he can look up at anytime and he's right there. (good to hear:rocker: )

    -Covering the new WR's is crazy. "get back" is how he described it. They will be really fun to watch.

    -Washington and welker are the hardest workers of the group.

    -Seau and Brady are the most competitive guys out there...other teammates feed off that

    -He texts and calls asante all the time but doesn't discuss when he's coming back, but asante is in great shape

    -AD is very talented, smart, and works hard. He is getting better every day

    After the interview was over dale told a story about watching a scrimmage and how crazy it was because nobody on this team wants to lose. Told a story about rodney and seau playing a weird cone game and when rodney won he went crazy like winning the SB. When rodney intercepts a pass he celebrates and brady starts throwing stuff and swearing....very competitive. Also said that BB mentioned sometimes he has to keep rodney out of drills because rodney is too intense and it can get crazy.

    That's all i can remember!:cool:
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    Thanks for the summary!! Great info.
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    My two favorite parts:

    Washington hasn't had a great camp, but I guess looked better in the game. Interesting that Rodney sees him as that outstanding in terms of effort. Good for him. If he keeps on keepin' on there is going to be a ridiculous logjam at WR.
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    I love the fact that we can even discuss this situation in those terms.
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    Aint that the case. So completely different compared to the WR corps last year. In a very good way that is :rocker: :singing:
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    Compare this to last year, finding guys(who worked out pretty good) who were out of the game.. this is a very good thing.. ridiculous logjam is music to my ears.
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    Thank you! Tremendous Summary.

    Interesting that he lists Kelly Washington along with Welker as the hardest workers. If Rodney notices that, you'd think the coaches are too.
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    But did he inadvertantly give something away when he said he doesn't discuss when he is coming back? Not if, when.
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    And hey, I finally made the starting lineup! It took me long enough... is there a record for that?
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    Yes, but's it's an old LP of Cheech and Chong doing their dog routine.

    Thanks for the summary, nice to hear Washington is working so hard, I love hearing about guys who want to be in New England. I just hope the Bamster gets that third year on the Practice Squad, Kelvin too.
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    I'm looking to destroy the record of "longest time to get in starting lineup".

    Thanks for the great summary.

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