Ravens, Bucs and Steelers

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  1. jays52

    jays52 In the Starting Line-Up

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    What do these three teams have in common? They all won superbowls in the past decade for reasons other than a stud quarterback. They all could run the ball well and play defense. They all surrounded a less than stellar qb with a good line and great recievers.

    What are we looking at now (assuming all the confirmed reports are indeed true) here in New England? A deep, veteran team surrounding a young quarterback. This defense is much improved. This team can run the ball. Sure, they might not be the juggernaut we all expected, but they are not finished. The key here is we are dealing with a team that will be forced to revert back to schematic superiority. A team that will again rely upon a superior coaching staff. One that will have to become enigmatic and innovative again.

    The coaching staff we have in place is what gives me hope. If the coaches commit to moving on, they can alter the scheme. The offense can adjust to a quarterback with a different, albeit weaker skill set. "The Moss Factor" that became apparent last season will have to be changed. The playcall on the offensive side of the ball will again have to rely on intelligence and ingenuity, not solely the decision making and incredible skill of the players on the field.

    Will this team again be capable of making the run? Time will tell. However, I am far from pessimistic of this team's chances. Should this defense shore up, should Cassel develop a rapport with his recievers and should the offense continue to run the ball effectively, we are looking at a legitimate superbowl contender.

    What are your thoughts, fine folks of patsfans?
  2. Gatekeeper

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    Ben Roethlisberger is one of the top QB's in the league, so I couldn't include Pittsburgh in that group. But the Bucs and Ravens are good examples on this topic.
  3. PatsFan24

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    yeah but this pats team is built around a high scoring offense and big pass plays. now with the group of WRs they have they will still put up some points, but will it be enough?
  4. jays52

    jays52 In the Starting Line-Up

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    Right. Was he a top QB then, though? Was the entire scheme predicated upon his decision making and play? Like the Pats' is? He wasn't the engine of that offense, that is my central point.
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  5. MoLewisrocks

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    You forgot Eli...
  6. makoute

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    Neither the Ravens nor Tampa had great receivers (so the Pats are ahead of them in that aspect), what they had though was out of this world defense. That forced a lot of punts. The Bears also made it to the superbowl with sub par QB play. So the Superbowl is not out of reach for us fans.
  7. Sean Pa Patriot

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    Im not talking super bowl yet, we just lost our HOF QB, and the guy starting was the same guy alot of these people on this board wanted cut.

    Its a tough pill that is going to take alot of time to get over.. The super bowl was just wearing off now this..

    Again 1 week at a time, no super bowl talk , no undefeated season, no records, just lets play the jets and take it from there.
  8. fumbrunner

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    I think some of those are not great examples. We have a deep offense at WR and RBs. Many of those teams did not have that. But they had stellar defenses. We have a decent D, but its nothing that will strike fear in opponents.

    I expect the Pats to run the hell out of the ball and ask Cassel to manage the offense. The fear I have is that we will have to rely on our d more than expected, which is not on par with that ravens or bears defense.
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