Profootball Weekly: Head 2 Head matchups(funny)

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    Patriots QB Tom Brady vs. Cowboys CBs Terence Newman, Jacques Reeves, FS Ken Hamlin, SS Roy Williams
    How good has Brady been this season? Well, after completing a disappointing 22-of-38 pass attempts for 265 yards and three touchdowns vs. the Browns, his completion percentage plummeted to 74.1 percent. All sarcasm aside, Brady is on a tear, completing passes at an unprecedented rate. As if the uncanny calmness and masterful control of the offense isn’t enough, Brady now throws to a receiver corps overhauled with talent. He is a masterful technician throwing the football, moves well within the pocket and dissects defenses with incredible precision. He is capable of making every throw, picks up the blitz effectively and gets rid of the ball quickly. Brady’s intangibles, such as his leadership, are unmatched. With Cowboys’ CB Anthony Henry (four interceptions) possibly out with an ankle injury, Brady will undoubtedly attack the secondary. It’s not beyond the Patriots to go four-wide the entire game and throw on every down. Newman, who has been struggling with tendinitis in his knee and just returned to his CB spot, will be challenged to keep up with WR Randy Moss. Reeves is starting in place of the injured Henry and is a nickel back at best. Hamlin, a Seahawks castoff, has been serviceable this season, but struggles with his reads and has marginal instincts. Williams might as well be wearing a neon sign saying, “throw this way.” He is a run-stuffing safety who's atrocious in pass coverage and will be worn out by TE Ben Watson. With the Cowboys’ secondary a glaring mismatch against a revamped Patriots receiving corps, expect Brady to get that completion percentage back up to a respectable 80 percent.
    Advantage: Brady

    Brayd's gonna carve that secondary up like a thanksgiving turkey :rocker:
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