Pats bring CB Ty Law in for physical ????

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatRiot, May 15, 2006.

  1. PatRiot

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  2. PatsDeb

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    He's like the bad-***** boyfriend who got away...

    You know for your personal sanity you should never speak to him again, but you just can't get him out of your mind. Run, don't walk!! We're just being used to jack up his price elsewhere.
  3. SVN

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    lets not get carried away here...we heard in the past of javon walker coming for a physical from "sources" apparently when he never came to NE.
    No wonder BB harrassed a press guy yesterday regarding the word "sources".
    i wont be surprised if BB issues a statement saying there have been no such talks or physicals just to throw water on felger and company.
  4. Limolady

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    U Guys R Crazy...........

    To even consider taking Ty Law back on the Pats. We had him last season and even though the Jets totally sucked and limped their way through the 05 season, his penalties outweighed his interceptions. His fellow Jet players found him to be a locker room distraction and Herm Edwards powdered his *****.

    You guys would be better off telling your coach to pass on this retread and let Ty Law go and play where he belongs, in KC. ;)
  5. dryheat44

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    Thank you. I've been talking this line since February, and it's nice to hear a Jets fan back up the contention that a CB getting 10 INTS isn't necessarily having a good season.

    It was also my contention that David Barrett was the better corner last year. What do you think?

    I'd rather see what we have in the kids. We'll never know if guys like Hobbs can be starting-caliber corner backs if we sign mediocre vets to start ahead of them.
  6. pats60

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    If he signs with the pats most of the Law bashers will be back on board.
  7. Garbanza

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    I am ALL for Ty coming back (not at 10 mil though). He would instantly become the Pats best DB. Quite frankly, he was the Jets best DB last year. He was busted for PI's because he was more physical - compensating for the new girth. The new girth was a direct result of his non-activity while recovery from a pretty bad injury. Plus, a year down the road, I could easily see him transition to safety. His veteran savvy (on the field) would be instrumental in the excelerated Hobbs learning curve.

    For the right price, I would take him back in a heartbeat. Proving Jest fans wrong (again) - priceless :)
  8. dryheat44

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    Of course. I'll defer to Belichick's wisdom. It's not that I hold grudges against players who leave. Some of them I'd welcome back. In Law's case, though, I don't think he improves the team. Remember he hardly played at all in 2004, and played very poorly last year. If Bill thinks that signing Law is a good idea, than I'm on board.
  9. dryheat44

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    Wow. That's not even close to accurate. I'd put him behind Barrett AND the two safeties.

    In fact, he's no longer with the Jets partly because they have two kids in Strait and Miller who they feel can improve on Law's performance.
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  10. Garbanza

    Garbanza In the Starting Line-Up'll see.
  11. drew4008

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    10 turnovers is still 10 turnovers. And don't you think we could've used some more TOs on defense...? I'd take him back in a heartbeat if BB thinks he makes our defense better.
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  12. BelichickFan

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    I'm with you. We got killed by a lack of turnovers last year and I do think that Law's coverage would be helped by our good front seven.
  13. Bobs My Uncle

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    Frankly, if the goal is to improve the talent level on the team, I'm perplexed why anyone wouldn't want to see Law back playing for the Pats :confused:

    No one can sit here and tell me that adding Law wouldn't improve the talent level on this Patriot team. An argument could be entered that Law isn't worth X amount of $ but, as of right now, we have no idea how much money Law will command. And truthfully, with the cap shape that this team is in right now they can afford to pay Law some serious coin if that's what it takes and they feel he is worth it.

    Now while Law isn't the CB he was in years past he's still very good. Especially if he's playing in a system, like the Pats', that hides his weaknesses. What's more, his ability to create turnovers alone is worth the price of admission. Recall that Law's 10 INT's last year were the same as the Pats entire team, and 7 more than what our leaders (Samuel and Hobbs) got. Our secondary is woefully inept at picking off opposing QB's (tied for 4th worst in the NFL last season). Addng Law would quickly rectify this huge problem.
  14. MrTibbs

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    Ty Law is all about money. I can't see Patriots fans embracing him like before. Last season he looked fat and very slow. No way I can see him covering a Marvin Harrison or Chad Johnson. Yes I know the Patriots are mostly a COVER 2 ZONE defense but THERE WILL BE times when he will have to actually run stride for stride against a premier WR.
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  15. BradyManny

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    I understand why people have some animosity towards Ty because of his insistence on being overpaid and some of the stupid things he has said in the past. But let's not kid ourselves, he would help the defense tremendously, and anyone who says otherwise is full of it.

    Sure, we survived without him in '04, but look back to '03, and he was the MVP of that defense all season long, through the playoffs. Take how dominating our D was getting the last few weeks of last season, add in a healthy Rodney, and add in Ty Law, and we will likely have one of the best D's in the league, combined with what should be one of the best offenses in the league.

    Of course, we have to get Ty at a reasonable price. :)
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  16. Limolady

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    Are you sure about that Garby? Do you really want an overpaid, over the hill, trash talkin and locker room distraction back on the Pats? Didn't Bellicheck get rid of him for those very reasons last year?

    I'm sure he & Bill are good friends, heck I'll bet Ty will even be an usher at Bellicheck's all expense paid by ESPN wedding to Bonnie Bernstein, but $10 million just to rack up penalties while trying to up his worth for the next sucker interested in hiring him?

    I don't think so, but good luck with that line of thinking. ;)
  17. bbaptiste

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    Bring Ty Back!

    Ty Law belongs in a Patriot uniform. To my mind, with the possible exception of Mike Haynes, Ty is the best cornerback in Pats history - hands down. He deserves to retire as a Patriot and he will always have my respect. My favorite Law memory is the iconic image of him limping 70 yards to the house in the pivotal game against the Titans. Ty is the man!! Anyone who says otherwise is a damn fool.

    And yes, I mean You!!
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  18. Franchise12

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    I would love to see ty back for the simple fact that he makes the rest of our corners by putting them in their place. asante at #2 is a better fit IMO. hobbs would make an excellent nickle cb.
  19. dryheat44

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    Put aside the price issue, because we all know he's not getting the guaranteed 14-16 mil. he's reportedly asking for.

    Do you really want to judge Ty's likely performance in 2006 by what he did three seasons and a major injury ago?

    This is a classic example of getting rid of a guy one year to early instead of one year too late. I'm not sold on Ellis Hobbs, but I'd like for him to get the chance. Have you ever been on an escalator going in one direction, and pass the people going the other way? That's Law going in one direction, and Samuel, Hobbs, and Gay going in the other. We have veteran insurance in Warfield that cost us a lot less than Law. I don't know why so many people here think that signing a guy with obviously declining skills is a great move for the franchise.

    Does anybody agree with me? That even if his financial demands come down to a reasonable level, that a 33 year old Ty Law probably doesn't help this team?
  20. dryheat44

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    Ray Clayborn would be #3 on that list. Would you like to sign him?

    At some point, we have to say goodbye to the all-time greats in order to move forward.

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