Pats # 4 in PFT Power Rankings

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    I was just thinking today that until further notice, as in somebody develops a blueprint against Romo, the Cowboys are a serious threat in the NFC. They are the only team in the league besides the Pats to rank in the top ten in Offense, Defense and Special Teams according to the Football Outsider's Stats, which I consider to be the best stats overall.

    The outrank us in offense and possibly in defense, but overall they are closest to us in the whole league as a balanced team. At least according to DVOA stats, which take into account the strength of your schedule.

    Romo is playing good, but that could change any time now, if he is exposed. They have some good weapons on offense and an O-Line that can play good when they need to. Solid defense.

    Who else is better in the NFC? Saints? We'll know tomorrow.

    Bears? With Ugly Rexxy?
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    There is no NFC club that is any better than tenth in the league. Period !!
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    Disable Jersey

    I don't see 9 better AFC teams.
    AFC teams better than any NFC teams include...

    The rest like Cincinatti, KC, et. al, are questionable vs the Cowboys
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    Jests will be exposed in teh Wild Card.....

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