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OT: Winless teams change quarterbacks

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by jmt57, Oct 29, 2009.

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    After 0-7 starts, the Titans and Bucs have both announced they are making changes at quarterback beginning with their next games. Even if either of these teams won every game for the rest of the year - and let's face it, that's not going to happen - they'd only finish 9-7, and would probably still miss the playoffs.

    Titans to start Vince Young against Jaguars | tennessean.com | The Tennessean

    To me this move does make a lot of sense - though I'm not crazy about the fact that the Titans' owner is the one who apparently made the decision; I'd prefer to see owners deal with the business side of the organization and let the football guys make the football decisions.

    Kerry Collins is 36, and Tennessee needs to figure out what they plan to do with Vince Young; he will count $14.2 million against the cap next year. Obviously owner Bud Adams likes him, but at some point this offseason Tennessee needs to figure out whether or not he's worth keeping. Young can either prove that he deserves a roster spot in 2010, or give the coaches and GM a valid excuse to cut him.

    Bucs Name Freeman The Starter -- Pewter Report

    Even though Tampa Bay is 0-7, I'm not sure if this is the right time for this move. The Bucs' plan from day one with Freeman was to have him sit, watch and learn this year, and then he would start in 2010. Unlike Sanchez and Stafford, Freeman has not been worked in practices and OTA's with the idea that he would be starting. He hasn't gotten anywhere near the number of reps those two got, and the ones he did were primarily with backups. And he doesn't have a ton of college experience either, entering the NFL after his junior season at Kansas State.

    On the other hand there is no substitute for actual playing time in terms of being able to adapt to the speed of the NFL game. Since mistakes are inevitable maybe it's just as well for Tampa Bay that he makes them now rather than next September.

    For Tampa Bay Freeman is actually their third starting QB this year. After they did not re-sign Jeff Garcia, it looked like Luke McCown would be their starting QB, but he was traded to Jacksonville just before the start of the season. Byron Leftwich was the opening day starter, but he was benched after a couple of games and replaced with Josh Johnson. Even with Jon Gruden no longer the head coach, their musical chairs at QB continues.
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