OT: I can't imagine a Redskins team ready to play sunday

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    You know I sit here and think about how tremendously awful every member of the Redskins team and organization must be going through now and I cannot for the life of me possibly see a team getting ready to play a ballgame this sunday.

    I know life goes on but when a player is suddenly gone and was your best player at that,it really must be near impossible to focus on anything,no matter how important a game may be.

    Either the Redskins will be psyched up to do it for the memory of Sean and win big or they will be so depressed that they lose by 40 - I think losing by 40is more probable.

    I myself as a fan of NE could not handle the loss of a guy on my team,even more so if I were a player,especially if it were the middle of the season.

    Could you imagine if Brady,Seymour or R. Harrison or any superstar like Taylor suddenly dead right in the center of the regular seasons playoff run? - I don't know if there is a team that could just continue right where they left off before the tragedy

    Most deaths of active players that I have seen usually occured sometime in the offseason like in Denver last year right after they lost the playoff game and Marquise Hill who we lost earlier in the year among others over years ago - Not that it makes a tragedy any easier to bear but at least you are usually ready once week 1 comes to play in memory of the lost player and try to win it all for his memory - Who knows what it would have been like for this team to concentrate on football if Marquise died in week 1 or 2 ect:?

    Rarily do you see a players death in the middle of a season because they usually are with the team most of the week.

    So with that being said,I hope Laron Landry now becomes a megasuperstar Safety with respect to Sean R.I.P.
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  2. nummit

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    Perhaps they will rally around this tragedy and use it as a playoff push
  3. patsfanofNC12

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    The team will deffinatly be pumped up coming into this Sunday, and I think they will put up tons of points.
  4. OnTheHeights

    OnTheHeights On the Roster

    I really hope they come out strong and rally for Sean, but I can't imagine them being able to concentrate enough this week on football to properly prepare for the game. Are their minds really gonna be on game film?
  5. ClevTrev

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    Granted, it's a tough time for this team with all the chaos this week. It may in fact become a way to focus and rally if the coaches handle the practices this way. When you're on the practice field working hard, it's hard to think about anything else and becomes a refuge for all those who have an emotional attachment to Sean and the need to connect.
  6. Bella*chick

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    I am really curious about that game. I will be pulling for the Skins to win because how can you not?

    That said, I think something should be done about moving next week's game, which is a Thursday night game. The entire team will be flying to the funeral early in the week and it's already a short week of practice. It just seems like they ought to do something about that.
  7. Fencer

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    As noted above, they have to use football as way to escape and still be with each other.

    Football-wise, they already knew they'd be without him, so at least they don't have EXTRA preparation to face.
  8. Scouse Patriot

    Scouse Patriot 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    I'd imagine the players will have a hard time, but at the same time I'd think they'd go out, play hard and do their best for a win in honor of Sean.

    It's hard, but the show goes on.
  9. Tunescribe

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    They're professionals. That's where the "job" aspect comes into play, regardless of personal feelings.
  10. fleabassist1

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    I agree - but as with a normal job a death of a friend can be hard.
  11. Remember when Favre played the day after his father died? He lit the place up, and I hope the skins can do the same in memory of Sean.
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