OT:Condon was Watson's agent before getting fired?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsRI, Aug 8, 2006.

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    Wasn't he? Now he's probably screwing Leinart in AZ especially considering they already have a starting QB in Warner. Don Banks had this too on SI.COM:

    Note to Matt Leinart as the Arizona Cardinals training camp continues without him: The last two times agent Tom Condon had a first-round quarterback hold out for any significant amount of time, things didn't wind up working out so well for Washington's Heath Shuler in 1994 or Chicago's Cade McNown in '99. Just sayin'.


    Watson did the right thing by switching. Shuler and McNown? Why would Leinart gign with this guy?
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    Condon was fired by Watson because Condon did not give a crap about Watson, and refused to honor Watson's request to just sign the deal that was offered by the Pats.

    Condon leads a new pack of 'superagents' who put their own interests far above the interests of their client or the team. They are the equivalent of class action lawsuit lawyers that spend their time simply looking to sue any business for any reason, in order to cash in, with total disregard for ethics, morals, or integrity.

    Condon has done more to spite the Pats than any other agent in history. He has created the 'Patriots Clause' in the recent union CBA negotiations, in order to limit how long rookies can sign for with their employer. He has turned his little puppy dog Gene Upshaw into an Anti-Patriot stark raving mad lunatic, who mindlessly repeats whatever Condon whispers in his ear.

    Condon has single handedly come after the Pats harder than any other person that I can think of in the history of the franchise, and that includes Bill Polian. Polian might play monkey see, monkey do, with the Refs, but Condon has changed the structure and rules of player-employer negotiations as a direct spiteful act against the Pats.

    Furthermore, he has spawned a subculture of punkhole agents like Chayut that hide behind Condon's bravado and throw stones at the Pats front office, instead of negotiating like civil human beings.
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    Your too repressed, let some of your feelings show, don't be afraid to speak your mind. :beersign:
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    #11 Jersey

    Condon actually let a client go and declined his percentage about two years ago, because he refused to have his name associated with the deal, which he thought was a bad one and would hurt his recruiting. Wish I could remember who it was, but it was a similar situation to Watson.

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