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    From BB's post-game conference:

    I think this week is one of the busiest and toughest weeks in the entire season, because from a coaching standpoint, you’re doing roster cuts. You’re preparing for a preseason game. You’re starting to prepare for a regular season game. You’re thinking about how your team is going to look opening day. You’re thinking about how your team is going to look in a month or two months from now. You’re looking at other players and other situations across the league that may present themselves that may be an opportunity for you. There’s a lot of balls in the air, no doubt about it.

    Yeah stating the obvious here, I'm sure. But in the possible event that someone's wealth of receivers makes available a couple guys out on the market good enough to make our team... well, that is part of the cycle.

    Just sayin.

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    WR for sure and quite possibly LB unless Gardner looked good inside (I haven't and won't see the game :( ). Once Tedy is back, he and Seau are fine inside but we need a 3rd guy to rotate in. Of course we have Vrabel but the outside rotation is much better with Vrabel and Colvin as starters and TBC able to rotate in.

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