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  1. Hi, I'm new to the this forum and probably the only one from Cali. They're are very few Pats fans here. I've been a fan since i was a young boy watching Bledsoe,Vinatiieri,McGinest,Martin,Bruschi,Coates,and Glenn. Go pats!!!
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    Good to have you here :D

  3. PATSNUTme

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    We do have several Cali members here Co cal, Bay area, and middle Cal. Welcome:rocker:
  4. SoCal Bong

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    What part of California are you in? I'm in Orange County and we have a large club that meets up for every game at the Auld Dubliner in Tustin.

    If you are in another area, I can tell you where you can find other Pats fans if you are interested in that.

    We had huge tailgate parties at the San Fran and San Diego games and will have large groups at Seattle and Oakland in December. Join the club listed in my signature below for more info.
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    Having lived in Cali myself, I can vouch for the fact that there are actually TONS of Pats fans there. Particularly down in San Diego and the Orange County area.
  6. Yeah but not we're I'm from. I live in Central Cali in Fresno. It's either the Raiders or Niners here. And the Pats always kill them.
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    I live in the SFBay area, and I'm a pats fan also.

    On another note, I haven't visited this forum in a while and lotsa changes. :p Not sure I like the minimum post count before you can post a new thread.
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    Im in Turlock Ca bout 90 min from you near modesto.
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    Are you a USC fan too?

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