Mr Casale, I do a real job- try one sometime

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by gomezcat, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. gomezcat

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    I work for a living. Criticise me when your job involves real decisions, affecting real people. Criticise me and the other posters when your job is sometimes so risky that you visit vulnerable people in pairs, people who are drunk, high or stoned, psychotic (not "psycho", a colloquial word with no real meaning in the English language), or "just" angry. Criticise when you go on to tough housing projects in London, walk into places where people are taking crack, go where kids are known to carry guns or stab strangers to death. Mr Casale, when your job means avoiding mistakes that can lead to someone sleeping on the cold, dangerous, drug infested streets of an increasingly violent city, criticise me for not working and spending all my time on here. Criticise me, a mere Housing Support Worker earning £26k, working for a charity. Call out Harrison37, PFIEL, Pats Blue, Free Ted Williams or any of the others on here who put themselves in real, physical danger to protect your arse, amongst many others. I mention a few examples. I would also mention the other 90% who contribute to the economy, make others' lives better, work hard and provide for their families. We don't all get to talk and write about football for a living, as good as you are at it. Kindly don't patronise us.

    Kind regards,
    a patspsycho
  2. Mike the Brit

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    What a great post, Gomez. I owe you a beer for that one.

    Did you e-mail it to Mr Casale? I think you should.

    (Those of us who sit around in our underpants all day watching soap operas salute you! ;) )
  3. shmessy

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    Powerfully put, Cat.

    For what it's worth, judging from his verrrry different tone on his show today regarding this website, either he, or someone in that office, understands they overreached in many areas over the past 30 hours.

    Before yesterday, I had no idea who Tom Casale was and had never heard the show, other than snippets linked from other posters here. They don't seem like a bad bunch of Joes, just average people who very well might have learned something from their experiences in all this.

    Heck, I even got a chuckle out of the e-mail promising him that if he gave him the word, the e-mailer would make sure "that Moderator at" would sleep with the fishes. I THINK it was a joke. :)
  4. PatsWorldChamps

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    what are you talking about?
  5. Pats726

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    Great said it all!!
  6. shmessy

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    Oh, get a girlfriend, will ya????? :)
  7. Krugman

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    Props to you,GomezC!
  8. Willie55

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    Will I have to leave my basement to get one of those or will it come to me?;)
  9. PATSNUTme

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    Cat, you rock:rocker:
  10. pats1

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  11. 5 Rings for Brady!!

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    I'm still waiting for 'I'm Ron Borges' to chime in. He really liked Casale and really didn't like Reiss, if I remember correct. His point of view should be quite intriguing..... ;)

    He even said at this website that we don't have job or girlfriends, about a day before Casale did. :D

    C'mon, Borges! Don't keep us in suspense! :eek:
  12. pats-blue

    pats-blue Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    WOW, Great post G-cat! Gotta love a "reporter" who calls out those of us with jobs that he would crap his pants doing...of course he has "access" to the Patriots and is waiting for his "Superbowl ring", so we are nothing but pee-ons. Mr. Casale I would also point out besides having a job I also have a girlfriend who is hotter than you even dream about......and she hates the media...:D

    Again great post!
  13. gomezcat

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    Cheers for the props, guys. I forgot to mention that I do have a girlfriend and she is even learning a little about football! I even took her to an amateur football game back in June, though she was disappointed that there wasn't a "tight end" for her to ogle. :D
    The thing I wanted to clarify is that my job is nowhere near as dangerous as those of the people, and others, that I listed. That said, I would love him to meet some of the tenants I meet daily and get them to calm down or to do as I ask, so they don't end up on the streets. My point remains that I and many others on here do jobs that have real effects on real people. When shmessy messes up, a person loses their livelihood, house and so on. I was really p*ssed off with his comments.
  14. lutontown_fc

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    'I'm Ron Borges' has already chimed in - I would guess that he was the multiple account poster who recently used the 'alisonlovesbrady' handle.

    At least thats what I have deduced from reading that huge thread regarding what C-Jack did/did not say.

  15. Box_O_Rocks

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    And those of us who just sit around.

    No aliens controlling Britain? Who do you think your fooling Mr. Evil Space Critter? Sheesh, you as much as told us you personally control the housing in the greater London area. I may no longer need to be paranoid, but I remember how it's done! You've already posted information on here that pictorially (is that a word or more alien conditioning?) documents how Miss Gcat would never be sharing your cavern if you weren't controlling her mind! :enranged: No aliens indeed, just try to explain Elton John to me? Let alone Prince Charles.
  16. Brownfan80

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    Great post Gomez. Just awesome stuff.
  17. Mike the Brit

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    Quite right! There was a documentary about it on TV. "Dr Who", I think it was called.
  18. Bella*chick

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    Great post, gomezcat.

    Perhaps (gender aside, of course) Mr. Casale's diatribe was more intended for people like me, who currently AREN'T working, and who keep clicking back on this board as sort of a comfort. Of course, I challenge him to tell me, heavily pregnant, in a great deal of pain (hip and joint) and prone to hormonal rages, that I must be a loser without a life or a family to my face. The experience would be an unpleasant one for him. I guarantee I'd get a great deal of enjoyment out of it, however.

    Football is a source of relaxation (actually that may be the wrong word) now more than ever. I'm not myself. I feel awful and resemble a turkey in sneakers. I'm not used to being in pain or not being able to run. I'm DEFINITELY not used to carrying around another human being. So excuse me, Mr. Casale, if I wish to avoid the you're-having-a-baby-bombardment I experience every walking hour I'm not on this board. The horror stories. All the preachy people who tell you what you're doing wrong and how horrible your life is going to be from now on. The information overload. I like a break. I love football. I hang out on this board. It's that simple.
  19. RodRustsGhost

    RodRustsGhost Practice Squad Player

    As the father of two, and husband for about 15 years, I can say with absolute certainty -- any sports columnist, writer, talking head or nitwit that wants to confront a woman in that condition deserves the slow painful death he will endure.

    BUT, in other news, I hear that one's heart can taste really good when served still beating with a little barbeque sauce.

  20. Box_O_Rocks

    Box_O_Rocks Supporter Supporter

    I'm sure B*C will have more restraint than that, I was anticipating her feeding the dog a helping of Rocky Mountain Oysters, freshly steamed.

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