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London, just off the Eastern Seaboard

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It's SIR Moderator to you, from London, just off the Eastern Seaboard

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Oct 2, 2014
    1. Claremonster
      Bad Request

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      Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.


    2. broadwayjoe
      Hello and how are you? Check your Pm's the Mock Draft Game starts this Saturday 3/17/12.
    3. broadwayjoe
      Check your PM's when you get the chance I left you a message there.
    4. BayAreaPatsFan
      I gomezcat, saw your reply to my post. Yes before I left Trinidad when I was 18 I loved watching cricket, kind of lost touch a bit after that. But year,
      I remeber all those players at the time.

      Clive Lloyd - Such an awseome player, he is still the only player I know who before you bowl that ball, his bat is up by his shoulder, how intimidating was that. And watching that guy run down balls in the covers with those huge monstrous slow motion strides was absolutely amazing. He was my all time favourite.

      Michael Holding - The most beautifyl pace ball delivery in history. So smooth,

      Lawrence Rowe, Viv Richards, Desmond Hayes, Gordon Greenidge - Once those guys got going they were hard to stop.

      Alvin Kallicheran - Never seem to get to the pitch of the ball on those drives but they stayed on the ground all the way for a four.

      Joel Garner - Big Bird, I think he was very overated. I saw Charlie Davis hit him for a six, then the next ball he oversteps the crease by a almost 3 ft and delivered a bouncer. Never forgave him for that.

      Sorry don't remember much of the English players at that time, I just remember Colin Cowdry late in his career. Once he got his front foot out there with his pad it could block out the sun. Hard to get lbw on the front foot so he could stay in there all day if he wanted to :-).

      Trinidad didn't have too many great players at that time. Derrick Murray, Inshan Ali (short career) Joey Carew, Charlie Davis, Jack Noriega, all good players but not of the quality to those I mentioned above.
    5. Keegs
      hahaah you mod the religious forum? Good Lord, what did you do to deserve that?

      you poor guy
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    London, just off the Eastern Seaboard
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