Kirwan says Bengals want #3 seed more than the Patriots do

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Dec 31, 2009.

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    Pat was just talking about this on Sirius Radio and I think he may have a point here.

    He said the Bengals are fully confident that if they win thier first game as the#3 seed they can surely go to San Diego and win since they came very close to doing just that a few weeks ago.

    He said the Patriots feel the exact same way about the #4 seed as being confident that they can go to Indy and win since they came beyond close to doing that a month ago as well.

    Pat expects the Pats to lay off just about all thier starters this upcoming game and pretty much tank the Houston game because they really want the #4 and Cincy will do just the opposite and play all thier starters all game and try as hard as they can to gather up the #3 if NE does lose.

    Makes sense...
  2. reflexblue

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    And if it goes this way we won't have to listen to the NYRats till next summer.
  3. patsfan13

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    Hope this happens NY talk radio would be can't miss primal screaming.
  4. JSn

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    Reason enough to hope the waterboy plays QB.


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    How true how true...:singing:

    Since Kirwan is one of the most informative,insightful and intelligent sports analysts out there and not to mention he has many inside sources, I would think the games could certainly transpire that way on sunday.

    Of course the Pats and Bengals must win the following week in the wild card game to make it happen which will be far from guaranteed wins.
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  6. tombonneau

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    So Houston wins and Jets lose what is the most likely WC scenario? (Assuming Balto makes it easier and wins.) Denver? Houston? Pitt?
  7. Patriot_in_NY

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    It makes sense, but I'm not totally convinced we will. While we might prefer to play Indy, I'm not sure the BB fears going to SD either. Plus, if for whatever reason Cincy wins their WC game and then goes into Indy and they do their typical post-season meltdown, then we would face Bengals.

    If we're the 3 seed then they play at NE, and not vice-versa. I do think we'll be resting some players, I'm not convinced we'll just lay down.
  8. MNF

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    Makes sense. I was thinking the same thing given Cinncy was so close just a couple of weeks ago. They wouldn't have to spend to much time learning about their opponent. I'm sure they would love a second shot at the Chargers............I guess you're better off against the devil you know and not the one you don't.


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    If Cincy wins then Pitt is out making it Houston and Baltimore and Denver for the remaining 2 spots at #5 and #6 with Houston having to hope for a miracle to grab the #6 spot which is the best they can obtain.
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  10. Simkin

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    I want the #4 seed . And still owning San Diego in the AFC Championship . Happy New Year guys!!!
  11. Deus Irae

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    I would love the Cincy to S.D. for the win scenario.*

    *Naturally assuming that the Patriots win in Indianapolis.


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    Cincy at SD in the playoffs brings me back to the 80s when the Chargers played at Cincy in one of the coldest days in NFL history with Wind Chills around 30 below..I have chills even thinking about that game in which the Bengals won on the way to the SB vs. SF.
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    I can't see anyone disagreeing that Cincy is a better fit to play SD and NE is a better fit to play Indy.
  14. MaizeNBlue

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    I believe Coach Belichick would not worry about the other teams.
    If it goes with 'suggested scenario', Pats have to play @ Cincy. I am sure he would not like that. History shows that #3 IS better than #4.

    I want Pats to choose what is best for the team. And I believe going for #4 on purpose is not one of them.
  15. mgteich

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    We will see on Sunday. If you are right, Brady will play the entire game trying to secure the #3 seed. If we are right, Brady will play only one half if he plays at all.

  16. redsx8827

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    So if all that works out...that basically means that we will have to go to Cincy in the championship game. Instead of having a chance to host that same game? i don't see why we would purposely lose and effectively have zero chance of hosting a championship game. The AFC is very close this year and a #3 seed has a solid chance of hosting the champ. game if they get there.

    I don't see why we would prefer to go to indy over SD. SD barely beat NYG, Phill, Dallas, Cincy...I think the Patriots would have beat those same teams in close games, which makes me think the Patriots are about even with SD. But it comes down to rivers vs brady, norv vs BB. I'd take that matchup over having to face peyton. Although, I don't think Cincy has a chance to beat Indy, which means we'd have to go to Indy and SD on back to back weeks.

    Then again, I'm not convinced Cincy will win their WC game if it's vs Denver, baltimore, Pitt, houston. Houston did beat cincy earlier in the year, and cincy isn't playin very well right either way, we could end up in SD
  17. spacecrime

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    Not true.

    NFL 2009 Playoff Race -

    Pittsburgh can clinch a playoff spot with:
    a win (vs. Miami) and a Houston loss or tie (vs. New England) and a N.Y. Jets loss or tie (vs. Cincinnati) OR
    a win and a Houston loss or tie and a Baltimore loss or tie (vs. Oakland) OR
    a win and a N.Y. Jets loss or tie and a Baltimore loss or tie and a Denver loss or tie (vs. Kansas City)


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    I may be in the minority but even today I still believe BB tanked the last regualr season game in 2005 vs. Miami with Cassel at QB so that they could play Jax IIRC
  19. JMarr

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    LMAO!! This is utter nonsense.

    "Pat" is clearly hitting the sauce early this year and getting a little carried away. I wonder if he called Bill last night and they had a good chuckle about how Bill has the plan to eventually play the Colts all laid out? :rolleyes:

    Sorry, but anyone who tries to tell you that the Colts in Lucas Field is a better matchup for the Pats than playing the Chargers in that football mecca of San Diego :rolleyes: is certifiably insane. Far greater chance that we put a smackdown on SD--Ldt might even come down with his mysterious toe injury again if Belichick ends up coming back to town.
  20. BoTown

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    Hey, it wouldn't be impossible for the Patriots to win the SB as the #4 seed. It's already happened twice (1997 - Denver Broncos, 2000 - Baltimore Ravens). I definitely want that #4 seed, given how close the Pats tend to play Indy, and the Colts' record of futility with a first round bye.
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