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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by COLT FAN, Oct 31, 2007.


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    Hello all, I am a Colts fan from Indy. I came here because our teams are playing this sunday. Hopefully I can talk to you soon thru your forums. Either way I don't plan to hang around much after next week. I move on to the next team's forum. By the by, I am not here to talk smack.

    Good Luck for a fair game with no injuries.
  2. Danish PATS Fan

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    So every sunday you move to the other teams forum ??? :singing:
    And you are registred on all the NFL teams forums or what ???
    If so....That's pretty much lol :D
  3. Sain Cai

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    Hey thats what I plan on doing :p

    We can all have civil discussions though, unlike this idiot I have on yahoo IM right now lol.

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