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    3 points of interest:

    1. Both PFT and GBNReport are running FA leaderboards. PFT's is more up to the minute (at THIS minute).
    By Saturday evening only 12 teams had signed FAs (not the Jets, not the Phins, not the Broncs,
    not the Colts, not the Chargers, not the Bengals, not the Steelers.)
    Buffalo seems to be rebuilding its O-line, with 2 guards and a tackle added.

    2. The Pats have lost/are expected to lose a TE ... a LB ... a RB ... and perhaps a WR/PR to retirement.
    As you know, we just happen to have acquired a TE ... a LB ... a RB ... and probably a WR/PR.
    It would be fun to compare-and-contrast the ages and cap costs of those 8 players - not to mention subjective evaluations.

    3. Surprisingly, neither Graham nor TBC has yet signed elsewhere.
    Dan'l, you know, is in high demand. The Pats' signing of K. Brady is a sure sign that Graham SHALL matriculate elsewhere.
    Prob'ly still sorting thru his overbids.
    TBC, on the other hand, has NOT taken the king's shilling from St. Louis.
    Perhaps they haven't even offered it!

    Could it be that Tully jumps back gratefully into the arms of Mother Piolichick
    before all is said and signed?

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