Fred Taylor Needs the Lions Warmup or Save him for the Jets?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Patpartizan, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. Patpartizan

    Patpartizan Practice Squad Player

    I hope he plays Thursday just to shake the bugs out before the Jets rematch.
  2. CheeseMonkeys

    CheeseMonkeys 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    #11 Jersey

    Watch out, try not to make the lions game seem easier or less of a game than the Jets game or you will get a bunch of idiots saying that you "disrespect" NFL teams...

    On topic of your thread, I also hope he plays Thursday so he is not rusty.
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  3. patsinthesnow

    patsinthesnow Supporter Supporter

    #87 Jersey

    BJGE and Woodhead are a good duo with Morris at FB. I dont know where Fred fits in where he comes back.

    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

    #12 Jersey

    Shoot, I'd be happy if he suits up period in either game
  5. WhiZa

    WhiZa Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    RBs don't need much ramp up time, especially with as many miles as Taylor has. I would love to see him come back for the Jets game and just tear them up. Give Brady a game off :)
  6. jczxohn1

    jczxohn1 Supporter Supporter

    He'll be the only rested guy on the field.:D
  7. ATippett56

    ATippett56 Pro Bowl Player

    Fred Taylor is resting for his early retirement! :rolleyes:
  8. RayClay

    RayClay Hall of Fame Poster

    #75 Jersey

    This is the answer. I'm not counting on it, it would be gravy.
  9. D-cleater

    D-cleater Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    No thanks. BJGE and Woodhead have looked awesome IMO.

    The knock on BJGE is that he doesn't have the speed to take it to the the last Patriots RB who did? Certainly not a 34 year old Fred Taylor with a bad wheel. I love the BJ/Woodhead tandem and I don't see what Taylor brings at this point that these two don't.
  10. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter

    Disable Jersey

    It would be great if Taylor could get into the Lions game. He'd be fresh and going against battered players, plus any problems due to not being used to contact could be dealt with against a non-conference team.
  11. ScrewDrvr

    ScrewDrvr On the Game Day Roster

    Id bet that Taylor is faster then all the RB's on the team. And thats at age 34.

    Taylor would be a combination of Woodhead/Ellis. Hes fast and has size. Not to mention you can count on him to pick up on the blitz. Remember that nice block he had to save Brady earlier this year? Thats 13 years of experience.

    But, thats all null if he cant stay healthy enough to actually use any of that in a game.
  12. patriots pam

    patriots pam Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Love me some Fred, but frankly I'm mystified why they haven't IRed him at this point. And after last year when he was out until [surprise :D] they brought him in for the Jags game, so I thought they had been saving him for that and the end of season/playoffs, but he disappeared off the roster again after the Jags game, IIRC. And not due to inury, that I recall, so I blamed O'Brien's playcalling natch. :D Anyway, this year I don't get it at all. Our run game with BJGE and Woodhead is doing way better than we expected, yet still holding a roster spot?

    But hey, what do I know about football, I guess? :confused:
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    PATSYLICIOUS Pro Bowl Player

    #12 Jersey

    Holiday pun intended??
  14. ScrewDrvr

    ScrewDrvr On the Game Day Roster

    Thats because they know and see how good a back he still is. Why else would they keep that spot tied up for so long? He probably does outstanding in practices, but just cant get away from the injuries ingame...

    I sure hope he catches a break soon. No pun intended :p
  15. D-cleater

    D-cleater Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Dude, you don't have to look it up to see that Woodhead is faster than Fred Taylor ever was or will be. But I did. From wikipedia:

    Woodhead did not receive an invite to the NFL Scouting Combine so he had to use his pro day to show his abilities. According to a report on, he ran the 40-yard dash in times of 4.33 to 4.38 seconds which would have been the second-fastest among all running backs at the NFL Combine in March 2008. He posted the best pro-agility time of 4.03 seconds, the second-best vertical jump (38½ inches) and the best 60-yard shuttle time (11.2 seconds)

    Makes you wonder how so many teams missed on this guy. I for one have not seen him miss a blitz pickup yet. I think BJ and he make a great 1-2 punch. Plus, I have them both on my fantasy team and we all know that plays in to BB's decision on who to play :)
  16. cmasspatsfan

    cmasspatsfan In the Starting Line-Up

    Before he got hurt in the Jets game he did rip off a good run that was called back due to a penalty, I think this guy is gonna surprise a few fans these last few games.
  17. strngplyr

    strngplyr In the Starting Line-Up

    No disrepsect but he's making $3,000,000 this year I believe and he hasn't even run for 400 yards in his 2 seasons with NE.

    BJGE and Woodhead are a great duo for our style. Taylor's depth to the roster doesn't hurt but i would be pretty upset if he takes playing time from either back without them suffering an injury or being winded from a long drive.
  18. brady199

    brady199 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Save him for the playoffs.
  19. MustaphaM0nd

    MustaphaM0nd On the Game Day Roster

    Belichick will not share your sentimentality. When healthy, Taylor is a weapon that Green-Ellis is not. He'll get carries.
  20. strngplyr

    strngplyr In the Starting Line-Up

    Yeah, when is that? Do you see the issue here? Remember Shawn Crable?
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