Do any JETS fans have class?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by carolinatony, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. carolinatony

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    I jsut read some of their comments on a Jet board and WOW is allI have to say. Now I know why I don't root for ANY N.Y. TEAM...EVER
  2. Seymour93

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  3. VJCPatriot

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    LOL what excuse are they throwing out now? The refs fixed the game? If anything the refs were KEEPING the Jets in the game with the number of penalty flags they threw against the Pats. Anyways who knows what goes on in the mind of a new yorker fan. In their minds the Yankees should win the WS every year and a NY team should be in the super bowl each year regardless of merit. I hope Eli chokes away this game so all their hopes can be dashed. He's been sidearming plenty of passes short so far anyways.
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  4. pats1

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    Do they have class?

    Most do. I sat next to a bunch that offered me $20 to swap seats to be together.

    There was one right behind me that got shoved by a giant Pats fan, with security having to break it up. More taunting by other Pats fans led to more pushing and shoving.
  5. DillonSD

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    Let me tell you....being a Charger fan and attending most home games, Jets fans are some of the absolute worst of any I've seen. I have to say i've seen plenty more fights at Jets games than just about any other team (cept for Raiders). But that tends to happen when you havent had a good string of success like the Patriots. Pats fans appear a lot classier than most I've seen, there's nothing wrong with a little smack talk in good fun though
  6. thesmee1

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    Hey, where do you post DillonSD? I used to frequent the UT boards, and the Chargers always reminded me of the Pats. Without the steroids ;) Very classy fans, knowledgeable in football. And the raider hatred knows no coastal boundaries! Welcome.
  7. Bruschi 3:16

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    Just got home from the game. Saw some horrific behavior from Jet fans today. Foul language, throwing beer, etc. They are the true NFL scum of the Earth.
  8. Remix 6

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    i hear the same about Charger and Eagle fans are supposivly the nastiest and most ignorant.

    ^just what i heard though.
  9. JoeSixPat

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    It almost doesn't matter to me whether they have class or not.

    The only thing that matters to me is that the VAST majority of Patriots fans have class - something that is empbodied from the fans to the front office, including the players and coaches.

    The class of the fans and the organization allow me to hold my head high when they lose, and higher still when they win.

    I just pity those people who are wallowing and miserable due to their team's loss. It's a football game for Chrissake - it's a great sport and I love it - but people like you've all described are just miserable creatures. I pity them.

    So if they want to debate calls it doesn't bother me - heck, Raiders fans are still questioning the Tuck Rule even today. I find all of that comical, and pay it no mind as we look ahead to the Chargers, I guess Jets fans will spend the next few months analyzing this game.
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  10. BruschiOnTap

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    I sat in a bar surrounded by Jets supporters and although they were overconfident and yelled at the least positive developments (and who hasn't done that???) they were very friendly and gracious in losing, even buying a round of shots and toasting the Pats on a prolonged Super Bowl run...

    The worst are Pittsburgh and Charlotte fans, they embody the worst of American football fandom... unrealistic in their expectations (I've heard screaming whilst protecting a 2 TD lead...), rude, and borderline violent
  11. AStack75

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    The classy Jets fans sitting in front of me in Section 313 yelled "Pats Suck!" at the end of the moment of silence for Darrent Williams. How's that for class?
  12. pats1

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    There were Jets fans near me yelling during the moment of silence too.
  13. Ghost of Ben Dreith

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    Class has nothing to do at all with which team an individual, or group of individuals, cheer for. You either have common sense and/or class or you don't.

    As an example of a total lack of class....I'm sitting at the Cardinal game in my Pats gear surrounded by mostly Pats fans at the game where the Cardinals are officially retiring Pat Tillman's jersey. President Bush comes up on video on the large screen and a significant number of "classy" Pats fans start booing loudly and disrupting what should have been a very solemn moment for the Tillman family on the field. I wouldn't say that should be a reflection on all Pats fans any more than a thread on a Jester forum should be an indictment on Jester fans as a whole.

    So what does that mean? Just that fans are only people, and if you get a bunch of beer in them they will often do and/or say things they regret at a later time.

    A Gang Green forum thread with a title something like "Rants here" was pretty rough and pretty funny too. No big deal. After today's win, we should be magnanimous to those unlucky enough to be Jester fans.
  14. AStack75

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    It was probably NEM.
  15. Mike the Brit

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    Disable Jersey

    That is unfair.

    I thought that the Jets fans who were at the Foxborough game in November were a pretty good bunch. Yes, they were happy to beat the Pats on their own home field (who can blame them?) but the taunting was good-natured. I particularly liked the guy who showed up in a Jets Ty Law jersey. Pretty funny!
  16. shirtsleeve

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    After seeing this thread I checked out Gang Green and Jets Insider. Two different sets of people. Gang Green much less class as a whole than the other board.
  17. JoeSixPat

    JoeSixPat Pro Bowl Player

    Yeah - not one "Congratulations Pats"

    I know I would have done one for the Jets had they won - someone here always does something classy like that.

    Of course, they do have their official whining thread (well they all are, but this one's pretty good)
  18. tombonneau

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  19. Double G

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    Thanks for the link to that thread on GG; priceless stuff, what a pack of morons. I love it how annoyed they all are with BB, Brady, the Patriots success and their continued lack of it.

    Say what you want if it makes you feel better Jets fans, but next year your schedule is brutal and you'll get your a$$es handed to you once again..........................38 years and counting with no Super Bowl you pack of morons................
  20. Bertil

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    That pic made me laugh so hard, tears were coming out of my eyes....

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