Dean Pees Offered HC position by Bills

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by RxJock1120, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. RxJock1120

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    No, no, just kidding. But it would be pretty funny. Anyways, who thinks that the Pats will officially name an offensive coordinator. And who would be the leading candidates, McDaniels??? It's always possible, not likely, that the OC will come from outside the organization.
  2. Tunescribe

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    Sorry, not funny.
  3. AndyJohnson

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    I think if the next OC is on the staff, BB has to give him the nod, or Manginin will.
    Say its McDaniels, which I am not convinced of, if BB wont give him the promotion, and Mangini calls, it seems obvious he would go.
  4. RxJock1120

    RxJock1120 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

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    Ohh come on that was a little funny

    I was just making a sarcastic comment on the power of BB. The league seems to think that everyone in his staff is gold. Mangini will be a great coach, but not anytime soon. If Dean was offered the HC of the bills that would make a very interesting AFC East.
  5. DefenseRules

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    If Mangini wanted any of our assistant coaches wouldn't he have to ask BB for permission? I ask because last year when Dean Pees was the LB coach, Nick Saban asked to interview him for their DC position and BB said no. I'm not sure how these coaching things work. But I'm almost certain that he can't just call up and offer a job to any of our position coaches if they are under contract, without speaking to BB first. Anybody have more knowledge about how this works?
  6. tombonneau

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    While Brady had a good year, I think the playcalling overall this season was a bit "meh". I wouldn't mind at all if a vet OC was brought in. McDaniels looks like somebody I would bump into in Sonny McClanes drunk off his ass on Guinness.
  7. BelichickFan

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    I thought it was absolutely hilarious. If the Jesters are going to hire Mangini a few years early why not do this if you're the Bills ? ;)
  8. Box_O_Rocks

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    BB declined to allow Pees to interview while the team was in the playoffs - if Saban had wanted to wait he could have interviewed Pees after the SB. BB fan found some old articles on that case - there is a thread with the discussion about 20 pages or so back. :p

    I believe the NFL requires the team who wants to interview an asst. coach under contract to ask permission for the interview. I'm not sure what grounds there are for denial, just a delay for a time least disadvantageous to the home team - like BB making the Jets wait until Sunday for Mangini.
  9. BelichickFan

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    There are Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches. That's it. If you're an Assistant Coach and under contract, you can only leave to be a Head Coach without permission. To go from any non HC position to another non Head Coach position you need permission unless your contract has expired.
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  10. jczxohn1

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    God save us from the BB-tree AFC East, the division no one wants to play.
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  11. MoLewisrocks

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    Considering some of the problems this offense had over the course of the season I think the last thing BB would do at this juncture is bring in an OC from outside his scheme to upend his offense. His first priority will be to fix what ailed the unit. Inconsistent execution and intermittent personnel availability had a lot to do with the playcalling. Fix those problems and the guy or guys calling the plays have a lot more latitude to be creative.
  12. MoLewisrocks

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    Adam Schefter is saying Al Jauron and Mike Sherman are the front runners for the Bills job (Haslett is off their radar). He expects if Sherman gets the job he would bring Bates (earlier rumored for our DC vacancy by some) in as his DC. As erratic as Loseman is Wilson could end up with GB North (circa 2005). I wonder what Lawyer is making of all this chaos, or if he cares.
  13. MoLewisrocks

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    Pigs will fly in Foxboro first. MOstrodamus, 2006 :D
  14. KDPpatsfan

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    If Mike Martz comes anywhere near this team, I'll vomit.

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