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Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PlattsFan, Jan 15, 2007.

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    The one thing I despise about the whole NFL culture is the rank hypocrisy at times like this. Folks like ESPN hype up guys like Merriman and their little dances, and then one or two Patriots mock that dance, and suddenly everyone sounds like a bunch of debutantes at a cotillion. "Ooo, who invited that girl? She's got no class. Look at her dress!" Please. Spare me.

    As an aside, sure no one who beats the Patriots ever mocks their signature dances ... because they don't have any signature dances. They think the time for dancing is not in the middle of the game. Winning is what you're after, and if you haven't won, you got no right to spend all this time drawing attention to yourself.

    Are they right? How the hell should I know? But I do know that no one appointed LaDainian Tomlinson the Emily f**ckin' Post of the NFL. So just drop it! LT seems to be having some issues about the game, let's let him go grieve in peace. But if you haven't condemned Merriman, then you got no right to start yapping about dancing now.

    But my point here in starting this thread is this: enough with the whole thing! Basta! This is the stupidest "controversy" ever to come down the pike. The San Diego Chargers are officially in the rear-view mirror. It's all about the Indianapolis Colts from here on. I'm not going to look at, post in, or have anything else to do with anything about the Chargers game's aftermath. And I encourage everyone else to do the same.

    Charger fans, your team played a good game. And lost. Take heart, they're young and powerful and talented. They'll almost certainly be back next year and be very good, maybe even win it all. Now ... goodbye. See you for the big, hyped Sunday nighter next year.

    I say the Pats should play at least a nickel D all game next Sunday, go with a 3-3-5 base look, and let Vrabel switch from ILB to OLB all the time to mix up the looks for Manning, dropping a DB into the space Vrabel doesn't fill ... I'm just not worried enough about Addai grinding out yards to care about the loss of beef in that alignment ...

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