Change of Pace: Troy Brown appreciation thread

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATSNUTme, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. PATSNUTme

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    With all the Branch treads going and getting beaten like a dead horse, I thought that I would be different to have something positive for a change.

    There is one guy who is what a true Patriot player has been over the years, dating back to the days when the franchise started it's rise to the top.

    Sure Tedy Bru could be called that guy and no one could argue that point. But, Troy Brown has been with the team longer and was not appreciated when he first joined the team and may not be getting the appreciation that he deserves now.

    Here's a quick Bio:

    Interesting to know that he was drafted in the 8th round which would have made him an UDFA today. He was also released by the team and then resigned.

    So, here is your chance , if you want, to show some appreciation for Troy. My guess is that he will still make plays this year that will win us a game or two.
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  2. italian pat patriot

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    Troy Brown: A TRUE PATRIOT !

    thanks for what he has done till now and i still think he will contribute a lot this season too

    what a player

    8th rounder...


    Grazie Troy !
  3. Patriots4Ever

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    Nice Post,And Well Said.Troy Brown is such a captivating player to watch.I have the utmost appreciation for the guy.He ALWAYS does what needs to be done.I was so excited watching him have his ProBowl season back in 01'.I for one will be saddened when he ends his playing days here as a Patriot.I PRAY to god he has a STELLAR season.As It may be his last,But he is such an Ironman.Who knows?Though.Im pulling for 50+ Catches for Troy.Barring Injury he is definately capable of it.Heck Yeah.I'll Drink to this post.GO ###80!!!You rock brother!
  4. patchick

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    You're just trying to add to his legend. :)
  5. Patriots4Ever

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    WHOA..WAS BB JUST IN THE ROOM?..I heard a familiar comment!!!
  6. smg93

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    I love Troy Brown! He is a true class act and has conducted himself with utmost professionalism. Some thing that is sorely lacking in most all professional athletes. Troy is an inspiration to so many of us because he works hard, is not a whiner, and seems to appreciate what he has rather than complain about what he doesn't.

    I hope we have many more Troy Brown's not just in professional sports but in life in general.
  7. DarrylS

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    Met him a couple of times, what you see is what you get, a very good family guy who plays the game the way it should be played. Tough as nails, great character and very good ability. I see him after retirement being held onto by Mr. Kraft in some capacity, whatever you ask of him he does and does it to the best of his ability.
  8. stinkypete

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    I love Troy.

    But I have to add the Wikipedia entry is incorrect. His stats from 2001-2003 are all off by a year. He had 101 catches is 2001, and in 2003, Deion Branch was their leading receiver, not Brown.
  9. Brownfan80

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    Another thing to think about when discussing Troy's Legend is that he had a better season in 2001 than Deion Branch EVER has had for the Pats, and he never even sat out a PRACTICE while thinking about the money. Sure he was older at the time, but he was far more justified wanting the money back then because Troy Brown WAS OUR OFFENSE in 2001. In 2002 he again had more catches than Deion has ever even sniffed. In fact, 2002 went down the Tubes when Troy got hurt, and then again when Bruschi got hurt.

    For reference, these were Troys numbers over his most productive stretch in the BB era:
    2000: 83 for 944 with 4 TDs (15 games)
    2001: 101 for 1199 with 5 TDs (13 games)
    2002: 97 for 890 with 3 TDs (13 games)
    2003: 40 for 472 with 4 TDs (10 games)

    Total four year span: 321 for 3505 with 16 TDs. (51 games)

    Deion Branch's four NFL seasons so far:
    2002 43 for 489 with 2 TDs (13 games)
    2003 57 for 803 with 3 TDs (15 games)
    2004 35 for 454 with 4 TDs (9 games)
    2005 78 for 998 with 5 TDs (16 games)

    Total four year span: 213 for 2744 with 14 TDs (53 games)

    I realize that these are results in a vaccuum. And I realize that Deion is much younger and has more upside. But the simple realization looking at his career numbers is that DEION DOES NOT DESERVE WHAT HE'S ASKING; just ask Troy Brown.
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  10. Willie55

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    The one thing I always remember is his family first attitude. When the Saints tried to sign him last year, his son told him he wanted him to remain with the Patriots. And, as we all know, he did.

    Truly class act.
  11. ChockBlkr

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    excellent point, brownfan. If there is one Patriot who's # should be retired when he does, its #80
  12. smg93

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    Wouldn't it be awesome if Brown comes back and makes 100 catches this year for 1000 yards. That would be cool. Ok, maybe I'm dreaming but it could happen.
  13. Willie55

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    This a Troy appreciation thread. Can you please keep that other name out of it.
  14. Brownfan80

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    When that other name encites even GREATER appreciation of the Troy? I understand your frustration with that other name, but the fact is that other name makes our Legend look even more Legendary.
  15. rookBoston

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    WR, PR, DB and QB... maybe not entire unprecedented, since I'm guessing there were some college QB/SS who did the trick, but not at 5'10 and 190#.
  16. PatsDeb

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    And certainly not at the pro level! I love Troy Brown because he does everything that the team asks him to do with optimism and a bit of humor. When things get tough instead of getting nervous and blowing it, he comes through with a clutch reception, or a clutch defense of a pass, or a great punt return. He is a great player and seems to be an even better person. His commercials ("Bingo" and Dunkin Donuts) had me in stitches the first time I saw them because he is also great at poking fun at himself. You go Troy! I hope for our sake and yours you have another banner year!
  17. CrazyDave

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    I love Troy Brown.
    To me, he exemplifies everything that this team is about.
    If they ever set up any kind of "Ring of Honor" thing, he should be one of the very first to be enshrined. Troy Brown is an example of what's RIGHT with some players these days.
    I have a nice autographed 8x10 from SB 38 tucked away. I think I may frame it up and hang it very soon.
    # 80 - you're the man.
  18. MrBigglesWorth

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    Troy's number should definitely be retired. He is the essence of what the Patriots are.
  19. marty

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    Thank god his sons love NE!!! Troy wearing any other uniform would have been the worst!!! I love how BB has utilized Troy and continues to put the "fun" into the game! Thank you Troy!
  20. QuiGon

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    I agree with the above..!! it always amazes me when people discuss NE's WRs how they so often just totally forget Troy Brown...

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