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italian pat patriot
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Dec 8, 2016 at 5:06 AM
Aug 3, 2005
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italian pat patriot

In the Starting Line-Up, Male, from Italy

italian pat patriot was last seen:
Dec 8, 2016 at 5:06 AM
    1. PatsGuy
      Ill b in your neck of the woods next month. 1st Rome, then the Amalfi coast n then Sicily. I'll b wearing my New England Patriots T shirt n will send you a pic!
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    2. italian pat patriot
      italian pat patriot
      back from London...a fantastic trip...saturday evening a great party at Sports Cafe

      fans from everywhere...i met and talked with Zolak, Gil Santos, J.Smith and also the great fan Fitzy ( he is really awesome ) - then Mr Kraft arrived and i was able to shake for a short time his hands

      there were 4 cheerleaders and the mascot Pat Patriot -great too !

      saturday afternoon at Trafalgar Square it was also at best with many Pats playiers and BB + Mr Kraft there too

      sunday it was another great day...many many Pats Fans...i had a # 73 Hannah red throwback jersey and i met also SoCal Bong there (great !)

      we were together with UkPatriots fans - they are really great great fans - met many of them !

      a great week end...met also Isaac Bruce and Fred Taylor at Nfl Tailgate sunday afternoon

      it was a real good time...
    3. PatsChowder

      I know this is a weird request, but do you think you could start a thread on the board for me. I have a link I would like to share about the Pats and Michael Vick, but I can't post it because I haven't been here long enough (only 30-ish posts). If you could throw up a link titled "Michael Vick" I would really appreciate it.

    4. Warren94

      Have a wonderful holiday with your family.
    5. RayClay
      It's an honor my friend. Do you have a holiday like our Thanksgiving in Italy? It is like a harvest celebration, so many cultures do.

      Hope you are healthy and happy. I have been looking for work since I graduated with my Library Masters degree and moved to North Carolina in September. It's been tough, but I have an interview Monday. Great job, but I'd have to move about 80 miles. I'll take it if offered though, the economy is a little rough so I'll move back here when I get some experience. This area is nice, but there are too many people with Library graduate degrees because of the schools.

      I hope your holidays are wonderful.

      Buon Natale!
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