Branch leaving hurt PATS more than Moss leaving...

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by NENGFAN, Oct 6, 2010.

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    Just my opinion. When Branch left - I was livid. Couldn't believe they let him go. We all know how upset TB was. His loss was huge. This current loss on paper looks big but now TB will not be pressured to HAVE to throw to Moss. He will have his "usual targets" and will target them rather than forcing passes to Moss. Ofcourse Moss on the team was a huge plus but I think losing Deion Branch hurt our offense more than losing Moss will do....

    I still think this team will win the Division and from then on - you never know....
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    I believe your right.
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    We will see...
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    That team was left with zero viable receiving options. This team, by my count, still has 5 (Tate, Edelman, Welker, Hernandez, Gronk). Each one these players is significantly more talented than the most talented receiver on that 2006 team (Reche Caldwell? Ben Watson? Jabar Gaffney?).
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    First of all, the Pats didn't "let Branch go." Branch shot his way out of town. Why people insist on trying to make that situation the fault of the Pats and not the fault of Branch, even now, is beyond me.

    I wasn't livid when Branch was traded. I was glad that the self-centered, lying POS was gone. And I am glad he's still gone and not back on the Pats.

    I agree with the idea that Branch being traded hurt worse than what will result from Moss being traded.The difference between then and now is that the Pats had already reloaded the WR corps behind Randy with Welker, Tate, Price, and Edelman and they have 3 strong TEs in Crumpler, Hernandez, and Gronkowski.

    I was leary of the Pats acquiring Moss, but he proved me wrong. He was a team player and, from the sounds of it, really helped the youngsters. His being traded now guarantees the Pats get the most from him going into the future.

    Now, what will really be telling is whether or not Tate continues to return kicks.
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    I agree, but it wasn't the teams fault. That weasel had a year left on his contract and waited til the season almost started to hold the team hostage. He is without honor and I will never forgive him.

    Moss had a lot of anxiety due to his age and the potential lockout. I think he wanted to stay, but they weren't giving him a long term deal. I think he was trying to be honorable, but felt he was going to get screwed and deserved a chance to get a contract based on his performance. That's why his emotions got the best of him, he didn't know what to do.
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