Big Risk for Branch - Pat's Offense Produces Big Time

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Brady'sButtBoy, Aug 13, 2006.

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    Deion and his agent are counting on the Pat's struggling on offense due to his absence (and that enough GM's around league don't begin to view Branch as a malcontent). But if the Pats roll without Branch, which I think is possible if Maroney and Dillon stay healthy and Watson and Graham can both stay on the field, then Branch could suffer multiple pains:

    First, and the most obvious, the Pats could just let him rot as long as Branch wants to sit out, (and Deion must be sniffing glue if he thinks that staying out until the 10th game will mean he won't get franchised for next year) without Branch building any kind of leverage he would have if the Pat's had difficulty moving the football. Branch could end up losing millions of dollars he will never recoup, this year or next...

    Second, and this would have to be the most scary for Branch, if the Pat's O piles up yardage without him, the odor of a 'system' player may attach itself to Deion in an most odious manner. The odds of his rep being tainted increase astronomically if Caldwell (I admit it's unlikely), or, god forbid, someone like Kight or Childress, put up more than reasonable numbers. And the 'system' stench could really begin to reek if Givens struggles in Tenn.

    Thirdly, by missing so much time (again figuring he does hold out to the 10th game because the Pat's refuse to cave since they are moving the ball very well), he will be at great risk for (permanent?) injury since he will have no training camp to ease himself into the harsh world of NFL contact. Even if he comes in at game 10 and plays well right away (unlikely with his rust and the fact others will have earned playing time by then) without getting hurt, Branch will lose bewteen 6-10% of his potential career stats(estimating 8-10 high output years mixed into however long he actually plays). Combine this loss of numbers with a scent of being labeled a 'system' player, and Branch could lose any hope of ever being a HOF'er despite his SB record and MVP.
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    Simultaneous to that, he needs Givens to do well with Billy Volek throwing to him. David Patten has done nothing without Brady, if Givens doesn't produce at a good level, it will start to look like Brady made the WR and lower his value.
  3. SVN

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    who knows,he could end up like peerless price and be back with the pats in a couple of years ;)
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    I would imagine Deion isn't exactly quaking in his boots after what he saw in Atlanta Friday.

    Yeah, we rolled up 400+ on offense but our WRs caught exactly 3 balls. 1 each from Caldwell, Erik Davis and Rich Musinski. If anything, in his mind, it only strengthened his position that the team needs him.

    And incidentally, while I'm thrilled CD and Maroney looked great Friday night, it's important to remember Atlanta ranked 26th in rush defense last year.
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    Deion needs to fire his agent and cut a deal.
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    1. The preseason won't matter. It is regular season games that will make or beak Deion.

    2. Passes is passes. It does't matter who catches them. On Friday, the Patriots receivers caught 16 passes for 253 yards, a pace over 16 games that would yield over 4000 yards. This would rank the Patriots passing offense near teh very top of the league.

    If Brady passes for 4000 yards no one is going to say the Pats passing offense was subpar.
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    Brady played one series and was a (slightly) tipped ball from a TD.
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  8. TruthSeeker

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    All I have to say is we are very very lucky to have Brady. Though we don't have a strong WR corp (I'm watching Cincy, where do they get all those WR's ?), Brady will get his 3000+ yards, and hopefully the running game does the rest. The first team O-Line, when healthy will open up some nice holes all season, regardless whom we play. Dillon averaged 90+ yards a game in the playoffs (3 games) in 2004 (Jan & Feb 05), despite facing the top two defenses in football (Pittsburgh & Philly).
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  9. SoonerPatriot

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    Thus the phrase IN HIS MIND.
  10. PatsFanInVa

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    Guys, Volek is the real deal. He might not post back-to-back 400+ yard games like last time he took the reins, but he is not some pissant, never-played-a-down backup. You're probably looking at the next Brees/Rivers problem here, in fact (with Young playing the Rivers role, albeit with happier feet.)

    Givens only real problem is if the Volek/Bennett connection proves to strong to break in on. Or, if Tennessee wants to cash in its Vince investment early and kicks Billy to the curb on general principals (they're already showing signs of the latter.)

    Just threw that in for flavor,

  11. spacecrime

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    One of the problems with professional athletes is that they have a bloated idea of their imporance. But without that in their psychological makeup, they probably wouldn't make it in professional sports anyway.

    With everyone saying eion must be nuts, inhis ind I'm sure he is believing that he is one of the best WRs in the game and worth the money. In his own mind.

    Time will tell. I'm still hoping he plays in the regualr season. preseaon doesn't really matter to me. But I'm started to wonder if he actually will wait until week ten.

    Time will tell.
  12. BelichickFan

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    I wasn't trying to rip on Volek just saying that there's only one Brady and Givens has had him throwing his balls.

    Volek is not the next Brees/Rivers, though, he's 30 has never been a starter and the Texans loved him so much they drafted Vince Young. Before I would even consider calling him "the real deal" I want to see him play a whole season as a starter.
  13. SoonerPatriot

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    He's already taken it further than I ever thought he would. That's one reason I was hoping Caldwell would have a nice night in Atlanta.

    He had an okay night. Didn't make what would have been a tough but catchable TD pass. Had 1 other catch.

    Moving forward I'd like to see 1-Jackson get back on the field. 2-Caldwell have a better night assuming his playing time increases as the pre-season wears on.

    If yo-yo sees life will indeed go on without him it might motivate him to get his rear back in the fold. To me, if he wants more money after this season he should probably be on the field by week 1 to demonstrate to other teams why he's worth what he thinks he's worth.
  14. MoLewisrocks

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    If he ever had that hope he is even more delusional than we think. :rolleyes:

    We all wondered why Belichick tried to sign Mason last off season. We now know it was because our humble MVP WR had already expressed insult at a proposed plan to extend him before he ever topped 900 yards.

    I really wish BB had made an effort to sign Joe Jurevicius. Brady doesn't need elite, he just needs competent. He can make competent look elite.
  15. PromisedLand

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    Did you think that ball was tipped too? I replayed it frame by frame (in HD on a 61" screen). I couldn't say for sure it was tipped, but it was wobbling like a drunken one-legged sailor as it was flying toward Caldwell. I thought that condemning him, as many here seem ready to do, on the basis of dropping that one chance was pretty harsh. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who thought it was tipped.
  16. BelichickFan

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    I thought it was tipped a little. If not, is wasn't a solidly thrown ball.
  17. Kdo5

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    I watched my tape...not HD quality so its hard to tell but both the DE and CB could have tipped it. I dont think the DE did though he put his arms up. It looked like it wasnt a great throw or the CB covering Caldwell just barely was able to tip it away.
  18. SoonerPatriot

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    I replayed it on my small 57" HD and it appeared to be tipped. It had some wobble on it. It was definately seemed like a tougher catch when you slowed it and watched it frame by frame. To me it looked like the DE got a finger on it.
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