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    “I thought Ellis [Hobbs] really made a significant move around midseason from maybe the 4th game to the twelfth game, somewhere in there,†said Belichick. “I thought that was really a big jump for him. By the end of the year, he was doing things 100 percent better than he did them at the beginning of the year, or maybe more than that, I don't know."

    “He really made a big move during the season last year. Part of that was he didn't get off to a really good start and part of it was once he got going and got confident and really understood some of the things we were trying to do, he did them pretty well. Unlike some players who make his move, it was within the rookie year as opposed to at the end of it.â€

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    I remember Hobbs sounded like he'd really been "coached up" last year.

    He wanted to freelance, but BB installed the discipline and Hobbs really bought in.

    Good for you Hobbsie!:rocker:
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    Hobbs had to drink the cool-aid.

    I'm just interested what NEM or some of the other Ellis bashers (not you, Oswlek, we've already put that behind us) have to say about it.

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