Are we going to let it all loose?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by drew4008, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. drew4008

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    Meaning, if we get up fairly handily in this game at half time, are we going to be idiots and just completely change our offensive philosophy again in the second half?

    Before the playoffs I'd test our gameplan at least once in the second half. Not to embarass them, but for confidence...
  2. chowder

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    I'm not BB, but my preference would be to rest our key players if we get a big lead at the half. I'd sure be pissed off if someone like Tom Brady gets injured in the second half and is out for the playoffs just because we wanted to test our gameplan.
  3. ilduce06410

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    IMHO BB will just stick to vanilla plays and defenses that he knows rhe league has seen before. i dunno about the others, but i feel safe in saying BB knows what he has, and hasn't, shown to the league in the past 3 years. he's certainly not gonna put any new wrinkles into the databank.
    i'd want to rest key players, but BB doesn't seem to be of that mindset. his call. the only one i'd get upset about is Brady/Flutie. Flutie needs reps, and Brady doesn't.

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