Anyone ever go to a game by him/herself?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Patjew, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Patjew

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    I normally have 3 season tix, but 2 for tomorrow's game went to strangers and now I find myself, for the first time ever, going to the game by myself. Yes, I'll have 70K "friends" there, but I'm feeling a little funny about making the trip solo and having no buddies to high-five, console, etc.

    I probably won't care once the game gets going, but it may be weird beforehand. Anyone ever go to a game by him/herself and have any advice?

    And no, I have no problem with drinking alone.
  2. Chris

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    ive been to a bunch of games myself.. i just usually meet up with my friends to tailgate then head in and sit by myself.. you get amazing deals and seats when you can sit by youself.. plus most people next to you in the seats are cool and will high five you and stuff.. go for it!
  3. Murphys95

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    Once - when I was 17. There was one game my father couldn't make, so I went by myself. We had season tickets then and sat in the same seats for years, so I was not completely alone. Since most of the seats around me were those of season ticket holders, it didn't seem that different.

    The Pats won that day, beating the Lions 23-6 (1985) :D
  4. Patjew

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    Yeah, I have no one to meet up with either. Also, I never normally sit in the section (125) where I'll be. I'm definitely going, just feels ... different. Anyway, if the Pats win, I'll be happy.

    (I'm not crazy about this "Third String" thing!)
  5. PYPER

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    I went to the Colts game by myself. I had a lot of fun. During the game I was high slapping everyone around me. Especially when AV missed those two FG's.

    The only time that being "alone" can kind of suck is while Tailgating. That's definitely an event that's better when with friends. Having said that, I met up with Tailgater from this site and hung out with a few of his friends. So that was cool.

    I wish I was going this week. Good luck to ya...
  6. Mike the Brit

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    The answer in relation to the Pats is rather obvious: no.

    But I used to go to a LOT of soccer games and cricket matches by myself when I was young. In fact, I went to several away games by coach/train when I must have been 13,14,15. And it was great. You got fantastic banter with true fans.

    Nowadays, I wouldn't dream of going to a soccer game on my own (actually, I wouldn't go to one in the UK at all) but, from what I saw, I'm sure you can have a real blast on your own at Foxborough. Just make sure we win!
  7. PatsWickedPissah

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    In the 80s if the weather was nice that day I'd drive the 50 minutes from Sudbury to Foxboro and pick up a scalped ticket for face value, walk in alone and watch a game. Usually a loss, unless Flutie was playing...always a W.
  8. Patjew

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    I'm not a NEM basher, but this is undoubtedly my favorite NEM post EVER. WOW.
  9. Patjew

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    Thanks Pyper.

    Wow, "Practice Squad". These new rankings are very hurtful.
  10. PatsSteve1

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    * I went to several games alone back when ticket reseller's used to be acroos Rt 1 all over the place. One game was when the height challenged QB was with Buffalo. I had given up trying to find a ticket, for that game they were tough to find anywhere, and was walking back to my car to go to a bar and watch thegame when I passed a guy who asked if anyone needed a ticket. I practically tackled the guy and bought it for face value. He said a guy who was going to go with him had a last minute family problem. There were some very fortunate ref calls in that game that went the Patriots way. Last play with the Patriots behind, Bledslow lofted a hail mary pass to Terry Glenn and the called pass interference on Buffalo which you almost never see called. Time has run out but it was D penalty so the Patriots got 1 last play. Little pass to Coates scored the TD. The Bills were so pissed at the PI call and an earlier pass at the sidelines where the Patriots WR seemed clearly out of bounds and the Bills walked off the field before the Patriots went for the point after. So the Patriots went for 2 and made it with no players for the Bills out there.
    Now that I met Mrs B and others I have a tailgate to attend and often sit with ST holders who have extra tix for games if I can't get 1 when tix go onsale in May. But if I want to do something, like a sporting event ot concert and can't fond anyone else that wants to go, I go anyway.
  11. Patjew

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    Sounds like an awesome game. What year was that?

    I'm married now, but traveled the world by myself and have no issues being alone. This will be a new experience, though. I'm getting a ride up there and am training it back. All I really care about is if they win. If they don't, the train ride home is going to suck.
  12. PATSNUTme

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    Not for quite a long time. But, I have gone to games alone.

    I have always felt that I am the best company for me. I really enjoy myself. And, it becomes a real treat for those lucky people who get to sit next to and around me. It makes their game experience that much more enjoyable.

    Look at it as if you are performing a service for those lucky enough to have seats in your area.

    WAIT: you are not me. never mind.:cool2:
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  13. shirtsleeve

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    I've done umm...things alone.:eek: ...but I've never gone to a game alone. Since I now work on game days and never get a chance to go any more, perhaps there are others here on the board who would tailgate with this fine gentleman? If not, hit lot 10 (the new lot 11) and I'm sure you'll find friendly faces and good times.
  14. PatsSteve1

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  15. Tunescribe

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    I've been a season ticket holder since '94 and have gone to a few games by myself. Other times the guys who went with me spent more time drinking and wandering around the stadium than sitting and watching the game. My philosophy is: go and have a great time no matter what. Treat yourself to good food, good drink, buy something at the pro shop, yell your head off and create a lasting memory.
  16. richpats

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    Went to the AFC title game a couple of years back IN PITTSBURGH by myself - I had gone to the Halloween massacre with my g/f and I vowed to go back if there was a rematch. I went by myself cuz tickets were unreal (I paid $300), it was about -1 degree windchill and it was really short notice for everybody.

    Since I went to the regular season game I was familiar with the area and just parked in the same lot - luckily a lot of the same Steeler fans I talked with before were there so tailgating wasn't much of a problem.

    At the start of the game I got some Terrible Towels in my face until we went up 10-0 and all the Steeler faithful were pretty humble at that point :) The entire game was unreal- totally worth going by myself and freezing my bullz off! I snuck down to the Pats' tunnel as they were leaving the field with the Lamar Hunt trophy and got a ton of good pics- good times indeed!
  17. Murphys95

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  18. pats1

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    I remember the Bills walking off. Crazy ending.
  19. Patjew

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    Now THAT'S balls. I went to the Colts game at the Razor the week before and was thinking about heading out to Pitts., but the weather and thoughts of their A-hole fans kept me home. Cool that you were there to represent.

    I bet the place was DEAD after Rodney took the INT to the house. What a great game...
  20. Patjew

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    Yes I am. Come on, admit it- we're the same person. Check the IP addresses.

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