Antonio Smith accuses Patriots of spying

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Brady6, Dec 1, 2013.

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    apparently the majority of the league is spying on them. only possible reason they could be 2-10
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    Mark Berman ‏@MarkBermanFox26 38m
    MoreAntonio Smith on NE prep 4Texans: "U would have 2B a descendant of Tonestradamus 2know what we put N this week2 B able2change that fast"

    Mark Berman ‏@MarkBermanFox26 44m
    Antonio Smith says Texans put N specific calls they haven't used B4 that NE was ready for: "Either teams R spying on us or scouting us(more)

    Mark Berman ‏@MarkBermanFox26 43m
    More Antonio Smith:"I don't know what it is. It is a specific thing that was impt 2what we were going 2do today that they did all year(more)

    Mark Berman ‏@MarkBermanFox26 44m
    More Antonio Smith: "...They changed it up N a way to where(there was) indecision N calling the defense. It was kind of fishy.""

    what a sore loser. Of course everyone will side with him because its the pats
  5. Dexter

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    Stay classy Houston.
  6. sb1

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    Cue Florio in 3...2...1...
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    Yeah, we were fantastic at adjusting for whatever the ***** he's talking about, leading to the massive amount of, erm, 7 points.

    In Britain we have a word for someone who is so bereft of intelligence or common sense, they're almost retarded. The word is 'mong'. Antonio Smith is a mong.
  8. andrewgarrr

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    Brady has never been successful against a Wade Phillips coached defense...

    What a dope.
  9. sb1

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    I think it's fishy that Case Keenum played really well.

    So obviously the Texans had to be spying on the Patriots.
  10. pats4life12

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    Lol they is that the best they can come up with??
  11. Big-T

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    Why is it this time every year teams start crying? Last year it was:


    Man up, take the loss and stop telegraphing your blitzes to such a degree even me, with a crappy stream could see them coming - TFB would have spotted them within milliseconds.
  12. Sfpat

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    Would expect nothing less from A. Smith. He's is an overpaid, underperforming blowhard. If he was playing up to his contract the Texans wouldn't be 2-10 (he's admitted to overlooking opponents). Talks a lot, but on the field is a wuzz.
  13. pencilneckgeek

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    I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the allegations. Coming from a defensive mastermind like Antonio Smith, you have to consider the possibility that the Pats resorted to spying to cover for their substandard coaching. I mean what were the chances that Coach Belichick had seen anything remotely like their novel schemes, considering it was pretty much his first rodeo.
  14. blackglass3

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    He's just upset we ruined his teams Homecoming. Maybe when the Texans stop thinking and acting like a High School team, they'll play worth a damn.
  15. JMC00

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    What a cry baby. Your team got out to a 17-7 lead and then Belichick, McDaniels, and Brady made the adjustments.

    Maybe it was the fact that those three had a half of football up close and personal to see what you were doing. Hell even guys like Matt Chatham were pointing it out on twitter.
  16. RelocatedPatFan

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    Maybe they should scout out the offense too and not just stick to the defense. i mean, they could have only given up 3-7 points if they looked in on the offense while they were there scouting.

    Or maybe the new things they put in weren't good ideas...nah, couldn't be that either. Oh, I know their scout team ran the Patriot offense perfectly so the simulation/practice were pretty much dead on.
  17. Patsfanin Philly

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    Yeah, that's why you're 4-16 over the last 20 games.....
  18. Rob0729

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    Yes, because Belichick has never thrown something at an opponent that he has never run before.:rolleyes:

    Maybe if Smith spent more time scouting the Patriots rather than playing Spy Hunter he would know that Belichick is known for throwing a new wrinkle at opposing teams to keep them off balance.
  19. Rob0729

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    A Texans beat writer actually wrote this on Twitter in response to someone saying the Texans played a great first half and the Pats adjusted:

    Apparently, Houston is the bush league of sports reporting.
  20. fnordcircle

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    So the secret plan was to spot Houston 10 points before we entered our cheat codes?

    People will never shut up about Spygate.

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