A somewhat realistic trade that could make a lot of sense: TE Tony Gonzalez

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  1. AzorianPats

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    Ok let me just put in a disclaimer and say I don't see this trade happening... but just something that popped into my head last night. Its been obvious we are struggling badly in the red zone. A big part of that has to do with the lack of production from our tight ends. Now we knew gronk was gonna miss some time this year with all the surgeries he had in the off season, what we didn't plan was the Hernandez arrest. We tried Hoo man, Sudfeld, Mulligan, and we had Ballard and Fells that were cut before the season. Nothing happening. ...

    Now where I'm going with this is, there's a team in Atlanta with arguably the greatest tight end of all time, that came back to win a ring. Right now They are 1-4 going into a bye week. If The Falcons go 1-5 should we put in an offer for Tony Gonzalez?

    I know it's unlikely to happen, and I'm probably gonna get chewed out for starting this. ... But its a good discussion to have. ..I think. ..
  2. Halifax_Pats_Fan

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    Funny I was thinking about this on the way into work today.

    That would be a dream!.....I am thinking we would even get two years out of him.

    What we would give up...I dunno, but going back to two tight ends for a couple years.

    That would be very sweet....
  3. patsinthesnow

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    The only reason Gonzalez came back was for a championship run. I wonder if he went up to Dimitrioff and requested a trade if he would honor it.

    Even at 37 years old Gonzo is = or > than you know who. Gronk/Gonzo, the TE party would be back in New England.
  4. 102 Pat

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    Can't see it happening, but it would be a nice addition.
  5. PatsFan2

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    I would give em a 4th Rounder nothing more that said no way the Falcons make the Playoffs in the NFC. If Iwas Gonzalez I would ask for a Trade.
  6. fnordcircle

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    Belichick loves Gonzalez but would he trade a 4th or a 5th rounder for a 1/2 season rental?

    Atlanta won't trade Gonzalez for a 6th, imo.

    Gronk and Gonzalez would be great and Dmitroff's connection to the organization might make it feasible. Unless he hates Belichick.
  7. letekro

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    Why wouldn't BB consider Tony Gonzalez for a 4th or 5th? We would be unstoppable in the red zone with he and Gronk. I'm sure they (and probably every other contender) will at least make inquiries.
  8. fnordcircle

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    I call that the Redskins thought process.

    Belichick manages this team with a balance of being competitive year in and year out. He has never mortgaged the future for the short term.

    If they traded a 4th rounder for Gonzalez, then missed the post season they've got **** all to show for that 4th rounder which is bad value.

    Randy Moss for a 4th was a no-brainer because he wasn't a guy who had been on the brink of retirement.
  9. RI Patriots fan

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    I though you said "realistic" trade.

    There is no way in hell that after the 5th game, Mike Smith is going to give up on the Season by giving away his second most explosive and reliable weapon.

    Bascially they had to drag Gonzalez back to play....literally. He came to play for the Falcons....not just anyone. He'd have to move from Atlanta as well as learn a whole new system 6 games into the season.

    Then, you'd have to convince him to come back next year at the age of 38 and a half years old. On top of that, he's due $7 million (including roster bonus). We certainly can't afford keeping him as well as signing Talib and actually fielding a team.

    So no chance this happens whatsoever.
  10. letekro

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    I believe they traded a 4th for Ted Washington, and got one year and one SB out of him. That worked out. I agree, however, that they would not trade for Gonzo if it means they have to pay him $7M next year, as someone posted.
  11. fnordcircle

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    Sure but that trade wasn't made for a guy who was about to retire. Washington played more seasons than that. The fact that the team couldn't work out a deal with him is different than a guy like Gonzalez who is almost certain not to come back to the NFL next year.
  12. dannydyn

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    Aqib Talib says hi....

    And yes, he may be a long-term product now, but no way, anyone foresaw him as a long-term prospect when we first traded our 4th round pick for him.

    So saying BB doesn't mortgage the future for a 'short term' is simply incorrect.

    Personally, I don’t see it happening for a different reason: Gonzo wants to retire a Falcon – champion or not. Besides, that would be a major spit in the Falcons’ face had he left barely through the midseason, which basically would say that he has given up on the Falcons, and that they are done. Not that it’s not true, the Falcons are most likely done for this year, but coming from their long time star TE, would be a major slap in the face and a big-time insult.
  13. Canuck

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    Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing this morning too. The odds of it happening are slim to none but I think it's worth making an effort to see if it is doable. The only way I see it happening is if Atlanta out of respect for Fitz gives him the better opportunity of making the playoffs and Fitz is willing to try a last ditch effort to get a superbowl ring.
  14. ctpatsfan77

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    I'll say this: a 4th for a half-season rental is not precisely "mortgaging the future." But I agree with the sentiment that BB will not sacrifice the future to win now (as I've noted before, the Patriots' mission statement rejects the notion of a team "window").

    The actual $ cost might be too high (although according to spotrac.com, his 2014 season has already voided), but I think BB would at least consider it.
  15. RI Patriots fan

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    Despite the Falcons’ 1-3 start and sagging Super Bowl odds, tight end Tony Gonzalez remains steadfast that 2013 will be his last season in the NFL.

    The future Hall of Famer returned for his 17th season after contemplating retirement after last season. But with the Falcons coming up 10 yards short of the Super Bowl, the team was able to broker a deal, which included a light training camp schedule, for Gonzalez to return.

    “Obviously, it’s now or never,” Gonzalez said. “We have to be able to get a roll here pretty soon.”

    Gonzalez hasn’t second-guessed his decision to return in light of the Falcons' start.

    “You can’t keep chasing it,” Gonzalez said. “You can’t. I’ve chased it long enough. I’ve tried and I think I’ve chased it about three or four years longer than I thought I would. This is it.

    In 2014, his base salary is $4.0 million with a roster bonus of $3 million if he plans to continue playing. A two-year deal was done in order to spread his bonus money out over two years.

    - See more at: Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez remains steadfast that 2013 will be... | Atlanta Falcons | www.ajc.com

    Don't waste your time even thinking about this trade....it isn't going to happen.
  16. fnordcircle

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    You mean the guy who has played for us last year and this year and will likely be in the league for another 4-5 seasons?

    Yeah that's completely the same as trading for Tony Gonzalez to play like 12 games for us.
  17. JMC00

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    Ya Pats trading a 4th round pick for a good TE for the season will kill their future.

    Gostkowksi and Josh Boyce are the only 4th round picks on the roster from the last 10 drafts.

    In 2011 they traded their 3rd and 4th round pick for a 7th round pick (Malcom Williams) and a 2012 2nd round pick (Tavon Wilson)

    And in 2012 they used the 4th rounder to trade up to get Hightower.

    Yes, Hernandez was a 4th round pick but he's also a psychotic murderer who will be in jail the rest of his life.

    Oh and the 4th round pick they used to get Randy Moss was actually from San Francisco in which Pats traded their '07 1st round pick for San Fran's '08 1st round (Jerod Mayo) and a '07 4th round pick which was used to get Moss.

    And Bill actually got a 3rd round pick when he traded away Moss.

    Ya but wasting a 4th round pick on Tony Gonzalez would be as bad as wasting a 5th and 6th on Chad Johnson and a 5th on Albert Haynesworth
  18. BKBroiler

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    This would be a great add, but realistically its not going to happen.

    Even at 1-4, the Falcons aren't out of the playoff hunt in the NFC. NO looks like they will easily take the South, SEA and SF will most likely get the West and one of the two wildcards, the Packers should end up winning the North, and who knows who will win the East (I'm guessing DAL). That leaves the second wild card up for grabs between CHI, DET, PHI, ARI, STL, and maybe CAR. Based on the track record of that group of teams, I wouldn't be surprised if the 2nd wildcard has a record of 9-7 or 8-8.

    If ATL won every game besides the SEA, SF, GB, and NO games remaining on their schedule (which isn't out of the question), they'd end up 8-8. Sneak one or two of those games, and they are right in the mix.
  19. chasa

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    atlanta would essentially be giving up the season if they trade gonzo without gonzo publicly requesting a trade.

    Would i give up a 5th for the rest of the this season? yes

    is it going to happen?

  20. AzorianPats

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    Gonzalez is a long time Chief ...

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