A Different View Of the Brady vs Manning

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    I have watched and loathed Peyton for a long time. Moving from Mass to SC going through High School I became a South Carolina Game**** fan. So my hatred for Manning developed well before the Colts. He struggled in the big games in the SEC also as Spurrier always had his number. But now after years of wanting to jump through TV's and Radios and slap the media people silly who say that Manning is a better QB then Brady. I have tried to tone it down and appreciate it from some different perspectives. First let me say that of course I feel Brady is the best QB. We all know his Regular Season numbers are above average and only getting better, and his Post Season numbers speak for themselves. And I of course know that Manning holds some good regular season records, but his postseason is filled with failures. And iI can't just let the guy off the hook for that like many media people do every year. But what we really have to realize is how great of a rivalry it has been , even though we hold a 6-1 advantage. I mean if there was no Manning and Colts, who would be there to spark this passion from so many Pats Fans and players...I mean I think that 8 years or so from now and Brady and Manning are no longer playing, we will all look back on this rivalry and realize that it was special, that it raised Brady's play, that it brought the best out of our entire team for the most part. The classic Good(us) against Evil (them).I guess when I think about it I'm glad for this Brady vs. Manning and Pats vs. Colts thing because there isn't anything else out there in sports right now that can get me this fired up. Can I just fall asleep and wake up at 8:05PM tomorrow night please..........
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