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Tidbits from new book on Belichick

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When the time comes BB will write the definitive book with a very good sports writer and the truth will be told...

It will be with Shank Shaughnessy, and all our minds will be blown. I'm convinced they're bffs.
The best part is that all the headlines this morning are saying Brady would divorce Bilichick if he could but the quote in the book clearly states a “source” says “I think Brady would divorce Bill if he could”.

Fake news!

Another golden nugget is ‘sources in the patriots believe the coaching staff could win with a top 15 quarterback that Brady is nothing special is just a “gulp” system QB’ OMG LOL

The Struggle is real for ESPN- they are doing everything they can to bring this whole thing down... I pray that somehow TB can make this Offense click and they win and win it all!
The thing IO doesn't have going for him is book sales from the Pats haters. They won't spend any money on the book, they'll just cull their remarks from reviews and all the interviews O'Connor gives, mainly in New England. Library? You think any Pats hater has been to a library? Well, a dozen Jete fans could chip in to buy it, but then there's the real problem, nobody to read it.
Im sure the best thing about this is book is highlighting how Bills father was the only Navy officer in Okinawa not to get up and leave the officers club when the only black officer walked in.
If Belichick's assistants really did say they could make anybody decent the next Brady, think for a second about how well Belichick's coaching tree has done away from Belichick and Brady and have a good laugh.
More of the same stuff extrapolated. BB also did the the mona lisa vito monologue defending the QB. That week after the AFCCG was crazy and everyone on the team was thrown in a loop suddenly not know what to react. To read anything from it crazy.
The author wrote a book about BB interviewing 350 people except BB himself . Clearly trying to cash in on all the storylines and dramatics.
O’Connor is a reknowned patriot hater.
Fake book in the era of Fake news. The author has seen CNN ratings.

So, Brady wants to play till 45, but was going to retire last year. All that work into keeping in tip top shape for nothing. The Pats would hold his rights if Brady stepped away.
And by the way, the author of the book is this guy

O'Connor is also one of the people, along with John Clayton, who believed a football weighed 12+ pounds. In January 2015, he wrote an article that included this line "...yet swore he did not notice a difference in the AFC Championship Game when the balls weighed two pounds lighter."

After people began to notice this error, the article was edited and the "two pounds lighter" section was re-worded (link.)
"He's not the easiest coach to play for," said Brady, before adding, "he's the best for me."

That's the perfect summary of what their relationship really is like. Brady doesn't really like it, but he knows that it's what sustains his greatness.

I think he knows he wouldn't have achieved this much success under another coach, so I bet it's some sort of grudging respect.
Well, this is Ian O'Connor, so large grains of salt have to be taken. However...

I wouldn't dismiss the "BB 'didn't believe' Brady" one out of hand.

Remember BB's initial "well, you'll have to ask Brady about the balls" response when it first broke. Didn't try to defend Brady at all. To this day I think that in the first couple of days BB didn't believe/trust Brady and wasn't willing to put himself on the line by saying anything like "Tom would never do anything like this", especially because if he did say something like that and it turned out Brady had done something, Goodell would use it to crucify him.

Then after the first day or two I'm sure Patricia (and maybe also Cam Fleming who was an aero/astro from Stanford) told him about the IGL and there was probably some big powwow leading to the Mona Lisa Vito press conference.

Now, the "Brady thought Spygate was 'likely true'" is dumb because BB never denied the filming so of course it was true (in the sense that the Pats had been filming teams). Or is O'Connor saying that Brady thinks Tomase's story was "likely true"?

Partially possible that initially BB had questions about Tommy Boy & deflation. I'm sure that Tom was vocal about the Jets game balls that were over inflated. With this in mind BB could and should have wondered. To his credit, not only did he likely listen to the science guys on his staff, he quickly went public with an excellent defense of his team & QB. Contrast BB's standup behavior with Kraft's Vichy capitulation.
The book also says Urban Meyer told Belichick not to draft Aaron Hernandez
Probably a *********** with Borges, Shaugnessy and Mazzarotti..
And mark my words: with the possible exception of ex Pats in the local media, the rest of them will either defend O'Connor or refrain from comment. The blind loyalty among these pukes is revolting, but not surprising.
I honestly don't give 2 sh##s if Brady and Belichick despise one another. My only interest is in whether or not they can work together successfully. The preponderance of the public evidence is that they can, have and will.
Ah the Boston jerk off media. Can't stand those bastards. they are a venereal disease that I work hard to avoid...As for the jack ass who wrote this book, F..K HIM!! I WILL NOT READ IT OR GIVE HIM ONE DIME OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY.

I LONG for the days when I could watch my football team in peace and not have to deal with this pathetic drama.
The book is basically an opinion piece from gathered tidbits from unknown sources. Real journalism has really evolved into fake news.
Look at the ticker at the top and it says Brady would consider divorce from BB.

Then you read the “I think” part. How irresponsible of all these media outlets to title anything other than “Ian McConner thinks Brady considered divorce from Belichick.”

It saddens me of this countries reading comprehension for what they consider truth in tabloid fashion. “Sources is just a figment of our imagination in todays world.” I don’t even call what most of these people write journalism anymore.
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