NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Thursday Night Football: HOU at KC - Who Ya Got? and Game Discussion

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Oct 25th

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I’ve seen some experts picking Houston for the upset, but the majority seem to have KC. Figured I’d start this off and let it run into tonight’s game.


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I took KC. Not the usual home field advantage, but I feel like Mahomes will probably play well and - as we know - the Chiefs tend to be tough coming out of the gate before teams start getting film on them.
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I like Watson, I do not mind Houston however KC will win the game. Just a better team.


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So glad to have football back...really can't stand either team and will be rooting for Houston, but have a feeling KC will win.

Bill Lee

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This game isn't on Prime or NFL Network?
It's a NBC "Sunday Night Football" game even though it's on Thursday.

It's not on the list of games that will be on Prime.

It's not on the schedule for NFL Network today:

Best bets are NBC over the air or via cable login at, or find a bootleg stream via or other dodgy sites.

I presume the mainstream stream providers such as Hulu will have it too, but I've been burned by them blocking things before, so I'd do some checking before I rely on them.

As for me I just checked my over the air signal and I'm good to go for tonight.

I'm ready for some football!


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Let's see if Mahomes can continue playing at the level from last year. He seems like a good kid, however a lot of good athletes become a little complacent after getting such a huge contract. Don't really cares who wins, however I am definitely rooting against KC going to the SB again !


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There's no way Watson will be able to outscore Mahomes. BOB needs to get exposed for his idiotic trades.

Chefs in a blowout.


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So apparently from what I head is that KC is allowing about 17000 fans in today. That is a far cry from their usual 70,000. So is the NFL going to suddenly allow teams to pump in artificial noise ? Isn't this against the rules ??!!!!! They better not have a different standard when it comes to the Patriots.