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I understand that you don't think that we should draft Smith at 32. However, when calling someone a "massive reach", we are usually talking about more than personal opinion. Most analysts have Smith in the 20's.
Yeah that's kinda the deal. He's not as talented Hock and Fant...and others on this board are not very high on him either...but a lot of these draft sites are a lot more knowledgeable then me with college players.


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I’ve been fairly down on Irv Smith but I do want to clarify. My issue is that I think he’s under-sized and under-athletic to be a first round pick. I don’t think he’s an inline TE and I think there’s not too much ceiling left to him. However, I also think he’s very solid, has a high floor and outside of the top two, is arguably the most likely to succeed early. I would be absolutely fine with him as our second pick in the draft, I’d just rather have someone with a higher ceiling as our first pick.

I grade Dawson Knox and Sternberger above Smith personally, but that’s a matter of ceiling. Smith is the better 2019 prospect as someone who can block and catch but beyond this coming season, I’d rather have the other two.
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