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Patriots getting the band back together, sign Jamie Collins

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Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
I don't know about the comment from the tweet that says "team that made him a star". I never thought of him as such.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
That said, bring back the freak if he's willing to drink the kool-aid :)
He's still only 29.

Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
Didn't like him the first time. Not thrilled about a possible second time. But, if he's just being added to the mix, and not getting any real money, I can see the appeal of bringing him in for a look.


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Hopefully a one year deal where he gives it his all so gets paid next offseason. Don't see why not, sounds like a win win if that's the motive.
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PatsWickedPissah Supporter Supporter
Loved him as a draft pick. But was NOT upset to see him leave. Subsequently saw some videos of him "Dog Faking" in Cleveland. Unimpressed.
Any re-signing needs to be incentive based money. OK to bring him back under those conditions.

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Said it earlier this year but he’s a great scheme fit. Hightower & Van Noy blitz more than any LB pairing in the NFL. Collins is one of the best blitzing LBs.

true MLB


versatile ILB/OLB

Van Noy

The depth of the defense is shaping up to be impressive. Add a depth DT behind Pennel & they ready to go.


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More proof BB holds no grudges. Not that surprised, Collins seems **** outta luck and can come back and salvage his value.

Seems like he’s a Patrick Pass sorta player where the teammates love him but he pisses off the coaches. Long as he can stay in line and he has much incentive to do so, it could be a steal for us.


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It's always the guys you didn't think would ever come back, like Chung. Let's hope this reunion works out similarly.
And people think he wouldn’t bring back Dola lmao


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Sure, we all see the "dog" plays, since he's a former player here...that said:

Things went south with Collins here when he wanted to get paid. They couldn't extend, so they trade, a la Chandler Jones. And yeah, Collins was showing on the field issues, reportedly, with too much freelancing.

Makes it easy to forget that the year before that, he was all over the place with coverage and sacks - I remember a Monday Night game where Collingsworth was insisting that other teams' OC's had to design around the guy.

If BB wants him back, that's good enough for me, since he's calling the Defensive Signals this year.


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There were a couple concerns in the previous go-round.

Rumors of him free-lancing. As a starter the team relied on him. The 2016 LB depth chart was Hightower, Collins, Shea McClellin, Barkevious Mingo, and rookie Elandon Roberts. There was less depth the team was comfortable with. In this situation he would come back as depth - if he's not with the gameplan, he doesn't play.

Rumors of his bad attitude in the locker room. When he was shipped out of town, players said "we just lost the best player on our defense." As a perceived team leader, his attitude was impactful. He's not going to be in a leadership role. The other defensive starters on that 2016 team included Malcom Brown, Alan Branch, Jabaal Sheard, Rob Ninkovich, Collins, Hightower, Malcolm Butler, Logan Ryan, Devin McCourty and Patrick Chung. Ninkovich, McCourty, and then not a lot of locker room leaders. In this situation he's not coming in as a locker room leader.

At this point in free agency, he's looking to compete for a roster spot. Very little guaranteed money.

At the on-the-line linebacker role, there's Hightower, Van Noy, and Calhoun. Period. One of them gets hurt and you are real thin. At off-the-line you have a recovering Ja'Wham Bentley, Roberts, recovering Christian Sam, and undrafted Terez Hall. So Collins is basically competing with Calhoun for a roster spot. Calhoun has one half sack in his NFL career. Collins is much more athletic.

You'd look at him like Inman. Decent shot to make the team; competing with some undrafted rookies and aging/recovering vets for a roster spot; better play some special teams.
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