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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Titans @ Pats

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Huge game today, had to start the gdt a little early. Would be great to get to 8-4 and riding a 6 game winning streak. Our defense has been great, need another good performance against a depleted Titans offense. No turnovers on offense and get the running game going. Can't look past this team. Both sides of the line have been good recently. Physical football!!!

The train is getting crowded. Who's ready??????????......... I can't wait, 1:00pm can't come soon enough.

Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's discuss!!!!!!!


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Cody Hollister may be starting at WR today? That shows how much Titan's injuries on O have affected them.
It's almost not fair that we have a great chance today because they're missing 3 of their most explosive offensive weapons.
Oh well! I think it'll still be a slug-fest and low scoring, because Vrabel knows how to go against the Pats.
something like 23-20

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I heard a Titans beat writer on the radio yesterday and he said even if it doesn't show in the stats line, Jonnu Smith is going to be a huge factor in this game. He said that Tannehill has really missed Smith this season and is a big reason for his decline in QB play this year.

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This years been crazy, im anticipating each game like its a playoff game and the weeks move like molasses. Feels alot like the 2001 season


Last year was the first time in decades I watched our games as more or less a dispassionate viewer. I wanted to win, of course, but there were no nerves or expectations.

This year I am back to nervous anticipation.

I never want to feel like last season again.


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This is unusual for a team who spent so much in free agency. Usually with a lot of high priced free agents, you get a lot of big egos.
This is something I was thinking about back in March, but I also noticed that most of these big-ticket signings are also guys with good character. Henry and Agholor both had good reputations. Henry has become a bit of a leader. Bourne popped off the screen immediately with his infectious positive personality. Smith was a bit of an unknown for me but thus far he’s said all the right things despite being pretty limited offensively and even has taken the blame on himself most of the time. The one guy I was a little concerned about was Judon, and boy did that one go the other way - not only is he NOT an issue, he might be ‘22 team captain material. Everyone loves him. I do wonder a little bit if Bill was being meticulous about how each guy fit into the culture as he made these signings. 12 weeks in, it sure looks that way.


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Titans defense is still legit. Feels like this game might look a lot like the Panthers game including a defensive score for us.

Im watching the Pats running game as much as Mac in this one. I don’t expect another negative yardage game like it was against Tampa but it should be tough to run on them. If we can do that anyway look out.
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