Jets Suck -- 2019 Edition (Official): Entering A New Half-Century of Moronic Mediocrity!

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Sep 27th

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Bill Lee

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The Browns just cut their losses.

I’ve been very critical of Darnold, but I’m not stubborn and my mind can be changed. I wouldn’t say he’s a sure fire star, but from what I’ve seen this season I think he has the potential to be a pretty good quarterback. I don’t think he was worth the price they paid, but he does have some good things going for him. I also believe 100% that Gase will ruin him if they stick with him. He’s just a toxic coach on so many levels; he doesn’t know how to motivate players, inspire confidence, and he creates a backstabbing culture. He has never actually successfully developed a QB...I don’t see anything he’s really done outside of having Manning and having Cutler throw 2 less INTs than normal.

How could they pick this guy with the options they had?

Darnold is really on the fence. It’s so critical that right now he gets the best coaching and works on his fundamentals, plays in a very structured organization, etc. Gase is not the guy for any job but particularly is terrible for this one.
Very forthright post.

You are correct, da Jete should dump Crazy Eyes Gaze and get a leader to be the coach.

They would have been better off with Mike McCarthy instead of Gaze, lord knows how da Jete fouled that up.

They need a solid football mind and leader to change the culture of the sewer of an organization that is da N Y Jete.

Just this week alone we saw Gaze insult the fans by saying he's rich as fcuk and insult the front office by saying Joe Douglas is responsible for Le'veon Bell.

Gaze is a big mistake and will set back the team many, many years.

This is why I love the fact that Crisco Johnson just endorsed him for another year!

I think this shows that da Jete owners know no really talented coach is willing to take on the sewer that is da Jete, so they're stuck with baffoons like Rexy, rookies like Bowels, or psychos like Gaze.

Either that or da Brothers Johnson are so delusional that they actually think they're doing a good job running the team, which works out even better for us!

Ochmed Jones

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2020 two deep qb’s for the afc East

Allen and Barkley

Fitzgerald and tua

Darnold and tbd

New England
Stidham and Rosen/Kessler????

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Hey Tuney, would ya look at that? We both have that green "weekly picks winner" label. We're like brothers.
It wasn't that long ago when if someone had a "special" brother like you he'd be abandoned alone in the wilderness. Sort of like being banished to New Jersey, I'd imagine.
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Congratulations in advance to the Jets for “the best player in the draft” falling to them yet again!

Condolences in advance for having to shop that player around for draft picks three years later when he doesn’t work out again.

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I don't know if someone mentioned "Jets whine" and was told to put a cork in it, or what. :confused:



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A bunch of teams came off this active championship drought list in the past five years. Congrats to the Jets on moving up four spots!

Chicago Cubs 112
Cleveland Indians 71
Detroit Lions 62
Philadelphia Eagles 59
Minnesota Vikings 59
Houston Astros 58
San Diego Chargers 56
Buffalo Bills 54
Atlanta Falcons 53
Toronto Maple Leafs 53
St Louis Blues 53
Phoenix Suns 52
Atlanta Hawks 52
Cleveland Browns 52
Cincinnati Bengals 52
New York Jets 51
San Diego Padres 51
Denver Nuggets 50
Kansas City Chiefs 50
Vancouver Canucks 50
Buffalo Sabres 50
Milwaukee Brewers 50
Milwaukee Bucks 49
Texas Rangers 48
New York Knicks 47
Indiana Pacers 47
Los Angeles Rams 47
Miami Dolphins 46
Washington Capitals 46
Philadelphia Flyers 45
Portland Trail Blazers 43
Seattle Mariners 43
Washington Wizards 42
Utah Jazz 41
Pittsburgh Pirates 40
Philadelphia 76ers 37
New York Islanders 37
Los Angeles Clippers 36
Baltimore Orioles 36
Sacramento Kings 35
Detroit Tigers 35
Chicago Bears 34
New York Mets 33
Charlotte Bobcats 32
Orlando Magic 31
Minnesota Timberwolves 31
Calgary Flames 31
Los Angeles Dodgers 31
Edmonton Oilers 30
Oakland Athletics 30
San Jose Sharks 29
Cincinnati Reds 29
Washington Redskins 28
Ottawa Senators 28
Minnesota Twins 28
Montreal Canadiens 27
Florida Panthers 27
Colorado Rockies 27
Oakland Raiders 26
Arizona Cardinals 26
Winnipeg Jets 26
New York Rangers 26
Toronto Blue Jays 26
Toronto Raptors 25
Houston Rockets 25
San Francisco 49ers 25
Jacksonville Jaguars 25