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Is this what the Young people want? Kelce bumps Reid.


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Sep 28, 2009
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Say what you want about BB, no way someone dire do such a thing regardless of your star power. I am so disgusted by it. There is no excuse to react like that to anyone let alone your head coach. You can’t supervise your friends.
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Imagine if Gronk had done that to Belichick in any playoff game/Super Bowl...can only imagine after the Malcom Butler thing. :rolleyes:
Yep, I actually thought that if they were behind by a large margin in that game, there could have been mutiny. BB pushed that one.

I am so mad that anyone will do that to Andy Reid. WTF. The lack of respect is what grates me the lost.
[Insert Darth Sidious Goood GIF here]
Looks like Reids style paid off
If Reid doesn't have a problem then I don't have a problem. Their relationship may be more like family than a typical boss/employee thing we are used to seeing.
It was very bad to see this
I feel sympathy for Reid
What an axxclown post game receiving the Lombardi.
That’s how people act in a dysfunctional family, sure.

I can only imagine the national meltdown if this had happened to us.
True. BB has the reputation of a cold military boss that is all about discipline where Reid runs a loose ship and his own biological children outside of football have issues with the law and drugs etc. Not shocking when you take everything into account.
“Tay is in the luxury box and I need to impress her!! So get me the ball, b——h!”
Imagine if Gronk had done that to Belichick in any playoff game/Super Bowl...can only imagine after the Malcom Butler thing. :rolleyes:
He'd be benched and cut the next day lol.

Or traded. If other coaches would tolerate that behavior and I don't think many other than Reid would.
Who wants this? Up until this Taylor Swift mania most non-Chiefs fans knew Kelce is a total jerk off. He has been more careful to not be a tool with the spotlight on him but he can't help it. It is who he is. He isn't a bad guy in terms of NFL standards he just a douchebag.
Chiefs won the ****ing Super Bowl. So not benching him worked.
Before it's said and done Reid will have more wins than Bill. Maybe not more rings but more wins. No wins for Bill in 2024...
Lol it didn't matter
Was a bad look sure , but Reid didn't think it was a big deal and they win

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