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Hypothetical trade - J Collins back to NE

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The article explains how the Patriots can make it work (opt out) after this year, but doesn't mention how they will fit Collins salary in this year with almost zero cap available.

There is always a way to make cap space.

All teams do it. Would you rather go all in now with Brady and this team or wait until the cap clears up and risk no Brady? I know what I would do and that is find room to do this deal if the Browns are selling.

At one time Jamie Collins was the Pats best LB if not the best player on the defense.


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I don't see a need
You don’t see the need for a LB that can cover? I mean, it wouldn’t be Collins. We don’t have the cap space and he left because he was freelancing. But there is definitely a need for a LB that can cover. I’d say greater than 85% of teams in the league have that need in today’s NFL. The Pats are one of those teams.


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The question is not whether we could find a way to make the cap space. The question is do you want to go through all that effort for a guy you banished to Cleveland because you couldn't trust him to be where he was supposed to be? I highly doubt he's suddenly become MORE disciplined playing for the Browns.


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Man I used to love Collins when he was here.

I understand why we traded him though and don’t think it makes sense to try to get him back.

But if we do then I’m all in again!


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Collins really had his production fall off a cliff in Cleveland.

                Game Game Def Def Def Def Def Fumb Fumb Fumb Fumb    Fumb Tack Tack Tack Tack           Tack
Year    Age  Tm    G   GS Int Yds  TD Lng  PD   FF  Fmb   FR  Yds TD   Sk Comb Solo  Ast  TFL QBHits Sfty AV
4 yr   4 yr NWE   50   41   5  82   0  51  20   10    1    4   17  1 10.5  326  206  120   19          23 31
3 yr   3 yr CLE   19   19   1   0   0   0   5    2    0    0    0  0  5.0  132   89   43   15           9  7

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